Monday, June 29, 2015

6 weeks left

Hi Everyone,´s official. I´ve got little time left as a missionary and I´m not quite sure how I feel. I´m coming home August 6th.
We had interviews with President this Friday and he said to me ´´Hermana Jones, you´ve got 6 weeks left. These last six weeks I want you to work harder than you ever have in your mission. You´ve done a really good job, and before you leave I want you to give it all you´ve got.´´

He also told me that most likely I´d finish my mission in the pórt. And...I´ve got mixed emotions in that párt too. Because there´s a part of me that wants to finish my mission in the port too.

Other news...I have another companion. Hna Palafox had to go to the port because her knee was really bothering her. My new companion is Hna Rodriguez. She just came from Nogales. So...she´s been updating me on how everyone´s doing. So... that´s kind of fun.  She´s 26 years old and she´s from el Distrito Federal. She just turned 8 months in the mission yesterday.

This week has not been normal at all.

Monday is always a little crazy. Seriously... Monday is never a restful day. It´s a lie.

Tuesday we started the day in divisions. But that ended up quickly because Hna Palafox´s knee was really bugging her. So after lunch Hna Kind and I went back to the house and I started making a bunch of calls so Hna Palafox could stay with a sister and for another sister to go out and work with me.

Wednesday, we were in the middle of a lesson and then President calls us to say that Hna Palafox has to go to Veracruz and we needed to go on Thursday.  Then in the evening at our English class, Jessica came and told us that she wanted to get baptized on Friday, so Elder Hoffman had a baptism interview with her. After English class we went to buy the bus tickets.Hna Palafox said she couldn´t leave without buying a memela, so we bought Memelas.

Thursday we left early morning to Veracruz with Hna Rodriguez waiting for us. We had to wait 3 hours for the next bus to San Andres.  Thursday is weekly planning here so we did our weekly planning in the bus place.

 Friday we had interviews with President,  and also Jessica´s baptism.  After Jessica got baptized, President told her to come and meet him. So that was cool.

Oh...and then Saturday  was crazy because this whole week my ear had been bothering me, and the drops weren´t working.  I want to a pharmacy doctor and he told me to go to a specialist but told me it would be super expensive. So...we decided to go to the clinic to just ask a few questions .... and in the end the specialist fixed me up for free.

So.... does that sound crazy or not?  I seriously hope this next week is a lot more sane.

Keep being awesome!

Hermana Jones


  1. Hola mi querida hermana Jones, encontré esto en facebook y se me hizo muy interesante y tierno todo lo que ud escribe! Creo que es asombros!
    San andrés, fue una de mis áreas que más ame!!! con todo mi corazón! LOS TUXTLAS SON MAGICOS, y están llenos de milagros, está entre verdaderos lamanitas puros. Sé que el Salvador le seguirá guiando, deje que el Espiritu sea su compañero constante, él siempre le driá lo que tiene que hacer y a dónde tiene que ir... Desde que la conocí sabría que ud tendría un potencial increíblemente grande!!! es una hija muy especial de Dios, su pureza y su virtud le hacen de las misioneras más poderosas. MUCHO ANIMO!!! sé que le queda poco, NO permita que Satanás la distraiga, no piense en casa, enfoquese en la obra y sentirá una dulce felicidad como nunca antes!
    Le amo,

    su amiga por siempre,
    Hermana de Orbe (actually, my name is "Suany" haha)

    P.S: Have a wonderful week!!! Don't stop to smile.

    1. Thank you for your message. Tessa will be excited to read it when she comes home next month.

  2. perdón, este es el correo de mi papá jaja.