Monday, June 22, 2015

Thoughts for the week.......

Hi everyone,

This week we celebrated Rodrigo´s birthday. He turned 52. He said he never before really celebrated his birthday so we decided to celebrate it. We bought him cake with candles and a few decorations and sang to him. He was well pleased. I tried sending some pictures but this computer I´m using today doesn´t want to send pictures.

We also had Alan´s baptism on Saturday!!!! Something that was nice is we invited some less actives to come and assigned them to give a little thought. One of them was a teenager and he stayed a little after because there was this dancing activity that he participated in. And the other one came for the first hour to church on Sunday.

We found some new less actives!  One of them  is a nurse. This nurse was actually calling after us when we were walking down the street so we turned around and she told us she was a member that hadn´t gone to church in two years.  We visited with her and she´s pretty cool. She gave us a referral, so we after we went to visit this referral, and at the end thinking we had a new investigator , she told us she was a member.

 Yesterday in Gospel Principles we learned about the 12 different spiritual gifts. Something the teacher said made me really think. God gives each of us gifts and it´s important that we recognize these gifts.  Once we recognize the gifts, it´s important that we use them and build them. If we ever neglect or reject these gifts that God gave us, he´ll take them away. It´s like the parabol of the talents. There were the two men  that were given talents who worked hard on gaining more. And the one who hid his talent was reprimanded because all he did was hide it. So.... we should find our talents and gifts that God gave us and use  them for good.

Sorry for the short letter. The internet kept crashing today and I couldn´t send photos.

Love you all
Hermana jones

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