Monday, June 15, 2015


Hi Everyone,

First week of the new transfer with the new companion. She loves David Archeleta. And mangos. Funny, the other day we found mangos so we picked them up.  Then this man saw us with mangos and he gave us more mangos. Then a taxi driver gave us plums he bought because they were too sour for him.

We´re working with A., R´s 12 year old son so he can get baptized. He has a perfect knowledge of the Restoration but he doesn´t quite have a testimony of it.

When we went to visit R. and A. on Saturday one of R´s friends from his AA group was there.  We started teaching him, and he says there´s so many things he wants to change. After when we were talking to R. he starting crying telling us of how much he tries to help his friends and how this gospel has changed his life. He is a great soul.

I just want to share something, something I realized in one of my personal studies. Last week  I was studying a few days about the Plan of Salvation. There´s a chapter Our Search for Happiness which I really love which talks about the eternal plan that God has for us. We know that it started before we were born on the earth and God presented his ´plan to us and told us we needed a saviour. Jesus was chosen,  saying that he´d give all the glory to God. Jesus was the first born of the Spirit children of God. He´s our older brother. Now...stop and read that again. He´s our older brother. Older siblings have this ´´older sibling love´´ for their younger siblings and me being the baby of my family...I see this. And so it is with Jesus. He loves us a lot and wanted to protect and help his younger siblings. So much that he suffered for every trial, every temptation, every hard time we ever have to face.  We never ever are alone. It came up to my mind when we were teaching I. (a recent convert) and her friend that she brought over. Her friend is an athiest, but what I was testifying of that knowledge that I learned I felt a great spirit. Who knows what her friend thought at the end of the day. But I felt good.

There´s no movie theatres here in San Andres so those who didn´t go to a city that has movie theatres didn´t have the chance to see' Meet The Mormons' . They showed it in the chapel here on Friday, so people were able to see it. I only saw a very small portion of it (part of the missionary mom story favourite story), because I was in the kitchen making popcorn.  J. came to see it and she really liked it. She mentions a lot her baptism on July 18th, so she´s pretty excited about it. I seriously love her. She´s awesome. I don´t know exactly why, but on Friday I wasn´t 100% me like...with all my happiness and all. And she comes up to me and says ´´Hermana Jones, you always ask if there´s anything you can do for me ... well is there anything I can do for you?´´

We had a few other experiences in where the people have taught and helped us, but I don´t have the time to share them.

In a mission, you don´t just teach people,the people teach you and you gain many lasting friendships.

Hermana Jones

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