Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 25 - San Andres

Hi Everyone,

I´m not sure if I mentioned it before but we end P-Day an hour earlier because we have English class as missionaries.  Basically Elder Hoffman (my district leader) and I try to teach English to my companion and another one of the elders in our district. Sunday night I asked Elder Hoffman what we would teach in English class and he suggested a cooking class. It ended up with the Elders making pancakes, and cooking terms, but it was fun.

Speaking of English classes... before I came,  Hna Terry tried to start up some English classes but they didn´t end up being successful and they stopped them.  Wednesday night one of the brothers called us and told us that there were these kids waiting in the chapel for an English class, so we ran over there and gave one.  That was kind of fun.

We´ve been working super hard this week. We contacted a lot of references and have quite a few new people in teaching.  I hope that we can keep up with everything so we can help people progress with a desire to make changes and get baptized! It´s probably been one of our best weeks in the field.
 R. got sick this weekend and he couldn´t make it to church. He felt so bad.  We decided to drop N.  because we didn´t see a huge interest in him. J.  says she doesn´t want to get baptized until July. The family that we found... we haven´t been able to see them.  So... my patience is being tested a little. It never was my strongest suit. But we´re going to push through it. I´m going to  keep working hard.

Something interesting that happened on Saturday.  We had an appointment with a couple investigators.  When we got to their house one of them was about to leave on an errand and another one was busy doing something else.  We made an appointment to return back another day. When we were walking back we started talking to this young mom. She was saying that a few years ago she visited the church about 4 times and then stopped when she got married. She was saying that she wanted to find a religion because she wants her two sons to grow up right.  She doesn´t live here in this area but was visiting her mom. Where she lives, there´s just Elders working there and we told her they could come and teach her, but she said that wouldn´t be the best idea because her husband is super jealous. So...what we´re going do is visit her every Saturday when she´s with her mom and we found the direction of the chapel in where she lives. She´s super ready to hear the gospel, so I hope we can find a solution soon! This experience showed to up that when we go to visit and teach someone we already know, the person next door can be more than ready to hear the gospel.

I hope all is well at home.

Tessa and her companion  

More of the beauty around San Andres    

Hermana Jones

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