Monday, June 8, 2015

San Andres transfer day

Hey Everyone,

Has it really only week a week since I last wrote? Because so much has happened in just a week!

Mount Pleasent Relief Society... I got your post its!  I loved them! Thankyou!

Okay, so on Monday night we got a call from the STL´s asking if we could have Hna Guaní work with us on Tuesday because her companion got called to be an STL and they had to go to Veracruz for a meeting.  They would come back with her new companion.  She taught with us  in the morning and after lunch we already had plans to have a sister accompany we took advantage of the extra hands and we did a little divisions. I worked with Hna Guaní. She and I have the same time on the mission. The sisters phoned us in the evening to say that Hna Guaní would have to sleep over with us. She was in Ojo de Agua before coming here to San Andres so she was filling me in of what´s all been happening there.  Wednesday morning we went over to the STL´s house so Hna Guaní and her companion could go to their area.  Her new companion is named Hna Rodriguez from Guatamala. She just finished her training and she´s got a super sweet character.

 Later at about 10:30am, Hna Jarquin called me, crying, telling me that she´s leaving San Andres to go to Veracruz, never to be returning. Hna Jarquin hadn´t been feeling too good for the past few days and she and Hna Fletcher were getting tired of all the doctors here telling her to go to another doctor and so forth. They needed to go to Veracruz to see what was up. So...after a lesson we had with Rodrigo we went to the ADO to say goodbye to her. I´m going to see her again. I have plans to go to Nicaragua.
Hna Jarquin´s doing fine now. She had surgery and so I hear she basically needs to rest a bit. She´s hanging out with our pair of senior missionaries who work in the mission office. But put some prayers in for her. If you want to put her name in the temple, her name is Angie Tatiana de los Angeles Jarquin Valle.

 This week when we went to see a recent convert,  he was feeling  bad because he broke a commandment. When we learned about that we taught him a lesson about repentence, and he was repentant.  Then two days after we went back to see him and we read some scriptures with him.  It was probably one of my favourite lessons here in this area. We could feel the spirit as we were teaching/reading and we could see the words of the scriptures touch his soul.  He has a few issues with keeping the Sabbath Day holy because he doesn´t regularily go to church.  He knows that part of his repentence is going to church and he committed himself to going.  Unfortunatley he couldn´t go this Sunday because there were elections going on and he was assigned to help with the voting. But he plans to go this next Sunday!

This week we went to see R. every day before his baptism. He wasn´t feeling too well this week and even went to get tests done. Satan didn´t want him to get baptized.  None of his friends came to support him in his baptism. We went to get him on Saturday before his baptism and he was saying everything was going wrong that day he was almost ready to not go and be baptized. See the potential in him? Satan certainly does. He wasn´t the only one being attacked. The other elders in our district had a baptism planned to with this young man named S. On Friday they couldn´t get a hold of him and he wasn´t in his house.  They still couldn´t Saturday morning. We put S. in our prayers and he did come to get baptized. Elder Hoffman and Pantuso also had a our district had a baptidistrict Saturday!!!  On Sunday when R. got confirmed he was promised he would get an eternal family. It made me so happy! So he´s going to find a wife one day and his sons are going to follow his example and get baptized too. I was sitting next to Jessica and she also smiled when she heard that he´d get an eternal family.

We also had a new person come to church with us. His named is F. and he´s 27. I think that´s what he said. He was a reference from a member and when we went to contact him he let us teach a lesson. We taught him on his patio. He´s pretty Catholic, but even though he didn´t exactly accept the invitation, I know he´s going to get baptized.  He lives with his cousins and one of his aunts saw us with him and turned on the radio really loud ....  So ...  When I phoned him Sunday morning he told us he still had plans to go with us to church. He really liked it.

We had transfers!!!!  Hna Citam got sent to Veracruz and since she was the only sister leaving from the area I had to travel with her. So basically my whole day has been traveling, which can be a little exhausting. My new companion is Hna Palafox. She was in my last district, so I already know her a little bit. My new sister training leader is Hna Kind...who started the mission in the same district when I was training. I got to see Nefi, Giselle, Hna Margarita, Monsé and Julio in the ADO which was sooo nice! Hna Margarita was like a mother to me so I gave her some good hugs.

My USB stick was found by a brother in the branch!

Please pray for Alan (R's son) so he can have desires to get baptized this week.

Welcome home Whitney and Brent!

Love you all,

English Class             

Tessa loves the children!!      

Feeling loved by the Mount Pleasant R.S.

Hermana Jones

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