Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 2- Charity and Love

Hola Mis Queridos,

We have a baptism on Saturday!!!! R. He had his baptism the other day and he passed it. He's so excited about it.' Principles of the Gospels' is taught in the room with the baptismal font, and  N. decided to come to church on Sunday. Elder Hoffman opened up the door of the font to show his investigator and R. saw it he said the N. ´´That´s the baptism font will I´ll be getting baptized in!´´  He also told us he has plans to invite 4 of his friends from his AA group. Keep him in your prayers!

We had divisions again and I got to work with Hna Jarquin! So that was fun. Something I never noticed is she said ´´Every contact you make you show your love.´´  And...we had some pretty rude contacts. can´t win them all.

It´s now rain season! So I´ll be carrying my umbrella everywhere. Keep me in your prayers so I don´t get sick in it!

We were in downtown today doing a little shopping , and I was feeling a little sad because my USB where I transferred A WHOLE LOT of photos from my mission went missing. About half the photos of Ojo and the majority of Nogales . I know I sent lots of photos home still is sad.  We entered a store and I saw a shirt that said ´´love, and be loved´´  That shirt made my day. It´s a simple little message. Love the people around you, and they´ll  love you back. So how about we show the world some love!  ´´Gimme love, gimme love,´´-Ed Sheeran.  A hug, a smile, sit by someone lonely or new, sacrificing our own time to help somebody else. Buy someone you love chocolate and peanut butter.  Don´t wait for special day to do it. Do it today! Do it tomorrow! Show an act of love every day. If we all try to do this...the world will be a much better place.  I was actually studying' Charity and Love' the other day in Christlike atributes. Christ loved the sinners, the republicans, the samaritans, the children. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Search up what charity means on In the meantime I´m sending one definition that I wrote from my spanish dictionary because I loved it so much.   Oh, and I bought the shirt.

Este... we got to the computers late and my english class is waiting  .
 But... stay awesome!

Love you all,

Rainy Season    
Hermana Jones

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