Monday, July 6, 2015

Special prayers requested.....

Hola a mis papas, hermanos, abuelos, tios, amigos, conocidos ... todos que lean mi blog,

Este... I´ve got a month. Today. My companion asked me what hymn I wanted to sing today and I chose " El Fin Se Acerca."  I don´t know what it´s called in English.    Hna Rodriguez asked if I changed in my character from when I first arrived and I wasn´t sure what to answer.  When we met the STLs for Nanciyaga today, I asked them. Hna Fletcher was saying that I´m the same character but a lot less fearful and more confident. Well...coming from my very first street contact to now I would agree with her.

And.... I am going back to school in the fall!!! For this I am very excited. You all know how much I LOVE being a missionary but I´ve missed school. It´s a little new because I´ve changed my degree to be a SPANISH / ESL teacher. least at the end of one amazing adventure I get to start another one.

Jessica already has a calling. She´s going to be the 2nd councilor in the Primary. She´s not entirely sure what it consists of but she is very excited to have a calling.  Tomorrow we´re going to do some divisions with 2 members in the branch and she´s one of them.

We found a few new people this week but none of them were able to come to church this week. Two of them already had plans to go visit their family in the prison. Their names are M. I., E., A. and E.... like E. in "Frozen. " When we saw E. she said that she loves hymns because it fills the emptiness she has.  We  said.... this message can help you fill this emptiness!

We´ve been working hard with our converts. R. has said that he´s been having trouble with his faith, so one day we decided to read with him the story about when Peter starts walking to Jesus and I asked him what he would do if he was in Peter´s position. It was super cool because he totally put himself in Peter´s position and it really helped him. He didn´t go to church the past two weeks because he was sick, but he came this Sunday and that made us very happy!

One thing we work on with the new converts and investigators is the " My Family"  booklet for Family History.  We started it with A. this past week and he got super excited when he started filling it out. The other day when we left from seeing E. we went to see A. because he lives near by and his mom said ´´he was excitedly waiting for you guys, but he had to leave.´´   The promise of Elias really is alive!

A new assignemnt President has given us is read the Book of Mormon again and this time focusing on the mini blocks in the chapters.Like...where there is a natural shift in the story and to think of the doctrine that can fit in them and write down 4 questions that can help us with teaching. Well.. this is what I thought of today when  I was reading. Lehi had to leave Jersulalem because it was so wicked and the people wanted to kill him. He also  had to leave behind a lot of stuff. Well, these days we need to be aware of where we are. Perhaps we find ourselves in dangerous situations. If we stay in these situations, we can be killed spiritually. So we need to be obedient like Lehi and leave behind the situation, including leaving behind things to us that may seem valuable at the time. Perhaps it could be friends, oppurtunities to be in a higher level of society. Many things. So let´s be brave and valiant like Lehi.

Last of all and something very important ... Please put Hna Rodriguez and her family in your prayers. Her dad had been super sick from diabetes for a long time and he passed away on Saturday. So... I´m trying to help my companion in the best way I can. She´s more worried about how her family is doing and says it´s easiest for her to work so she she can forget for a bit what´s going on at home, where she can focus on other people. But please... put her in your prayers.

Con CariƱo,

Hermana Jones

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