Monday, July 20, 2015

Opening a new area

Hey Everyone,

Hold up, I´ve still got 3 weeks almost. But I´m excited for these last three weeks. I´m in Veracruz now (it´s what I predicted) and I´m opening an area! I´m opening this area with.... Hna Casabal!!!! My companion after Hna Jensen in Nogales. So it´s sweet because she´s cool and we get along. I think Gramma will be excited to hear this part, we share the ward with the senior couple missionaries. They´re pretty excited to share the ward with us.  We´ve heard good things about it, so that´s good.  We´re in the area of the mission office.  The chapel is right in front of it so that´ll be nice and handy.

My picture is the first one up now. It´s craazy!!!  And... one of my baptisms made it to a picture frame in the mission offices! Happiness right there!

I´m super tired right now.  I tried sleeping on the bus but didn´t have too much success there. It was my last bus ride in the ADO of the mission!  Hna Rodriguez and I (she´s going to train) were the only sisters among a bunch of Elders for what seemed like a long time but was only maybe 20 minutes.  I saw Hna Jarquin and she´s doing great.  There´s this other hermana from Chile and she´s so sweet and she always says in English ´´I love you!´´ That I saw too. She´s feeling a little sick so I´m sure prayers for her would be great. Hermana Amestica is her name.

So....this last week in San Andres was a good one. We found double the amount of new people that we found last week. Among these people we found this cute older couple. I started talking with the viejita (the older lady) to ask her the name of the street we were on and we told her we were mormon missionaries and asked if we could help her carry her little bag of groceries to which she gratefully agreed.  She´s 79 and her husband is 81 but they seriosuly look 10 years younger. They accepted a baptism date and wanted to go to church, but the sad part is that when they we came back the next day she told us that her sister in Mexico City was sick and they had to take care of her so they couldn´t come to church with us.  They were super sad about that.  Hna Rodriguez said she´d keep me up on  newa with them when I get home.

Something Hna Rodriguez said this week ´´This is the  area where I´ve worked most with the members. Everyone reading this, you don´t know how much your help means to us missionaries. If you sacrifice one hour of your day to go out to a visit with us... it means so much!

So, here´s to a new adventure and a new area. I´m super excited to see what happens these last few weeks I have here.

Love you all,

Hermana Jones

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