Monday, July 13, 2015

Still in beautiful San Andres

Hi eveyone,

Greetings from beautiful San Andres. I´m hungry because I forgot to eat lunch. Or really... I didn´t want to do anything because my feet were tired from walking up 254 stairs in El Sato de Eyiplantla. I know I shouldn´t complain, I´m a missionary.  Even though we have super powers, there´s a limit to them sometimes.

We gave talks in Sacrament Meeting yesterday.  I didn´t know until the branch president's secretary asked if we were ready for our talks.  I said ´´what???´´  So, I prepared something while my companion and Elder Hoffman were giving their talks. So....even though it was completely last minute and my only points I had were scripture references... it went pretty good. And...I went a little bit over. Sorry. It was short in my mind. I promise I won´t do that to the High Council speaker when I get home.   And my talk was in Spanish.  I hope I can give my homecoming talk in English without messing up and speaking spanglish.

  President wants us to do divisions 2 times a week with the members.  I already mentioned that J. was going to do divisions with us. was a great day. J. was contacting like a missionary. She was  awesome to teach with. When we split off I worked with J. and we had a lesson with one investigator named E. We taught him the plan of salvation (his mom died 3 months ago).  While I was teaching a principle, J. was reading in the pamphlet of the things it said and when I finished speaking, she would automatically take over from where I was teaching, and taught as if she wasn´t just a recent convert of a few days.  I´d say she was a missionary.  When we left the lesson she told me that before we came to her house she was praying that Heavenly Father would help her to say the right things, and said she felt He was there in the lesson with E. She wants a year to pass by so bad so she can be a missionary and she was asking me when someone can recieve their patriachal blessing.

One day when we went to visit R, he told me that he wanted me to leave a photo of me before I leave to put it up in his family photos because he said he considers me as one of his family.  That was so touching to hear that. He was ordained to the priesthood this Sunday!

Some people just aren´t listening to us or not taking in importance to what the gospel has to offer them.  That´s a little frusterating. But I can´t lose hope to find those chosen. They exist! I´ve found them before and I´ll find them before the plane home!

Elder Hoffman and Elder Pantuso have been amusing themselves in counting down how little time I have left. I got a little cold this week and asked the Elders to give me a blessing (I rested for a day, but I need to continue working)   Elder Hoffman asks me ´´why are you getting sick? Oh.... it´s because you´re old and you´re about to die´´.   Mission terms. Because your mission is your life and when you finish your mission you die as a missionary).  I know it´s all in good terms. They´re good guys. But when I was walking with my companion I asked ´´why do they have to do that?´´  She says to me ´´don´t worry about it, it´s just their way of saying they´re going to miss you here´´

When we had divisions on Friday, Hna Fletcher was telling me something that President said in a leaders council. That more than baptisms, a successful mission is one where you´ve had many spiritual experiences... I´ve experienced a ton. These two that I shared of J. and R.  are part of those experiences.  And... we got to see the baptism of an 85 year old man of the Elders in Santiago. They did the baptism in our chapel because over there they have a prayer house and ours has hot water. It reminded me of Gregorio. 99 years old and was open to listen to us and make a covenant with God.

We´re here on this earth to have spiritual experiences and make covenants with God.


Hermana Jones

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