Monday, July 27, 2015

My missionary family

Hi Everyone,

So opening an area is interesting. We´re really reopening it because there were missionaries in it before. But... we don´t have an area book in our house so we don´t really know a whole lot about our area. Basically the Elders have been giving us some tips about a few members because they worked in that area before. It´s pretty small and we´re trying to go around and visit the members so we can gain their confidence and we´re trying to find the less actives. One of them we found has been less active for 20 years and he came this Sunday! The ward is so small, and we only had 40 people come this Sunday. That´s a lot smaller than the branch I was in.

 The assistants came to the ward and one of them helped with the blessing of the sacrament and a visitor helped pass the sacrament. So... yep. What was nice is that we were able to get to know some of the members in the ward.

 It´s a little difficult when this past week we didn´t know a whole lot of members, not knowing who the recent converts are ... basically not having an area book. An area book is a missionaries map.  We asked for it in the mission offices but one of the Elders said it wasn't a helpful area book so ... we continue without one. a ni modo.

On Wednesday we didn´t have anybody to eat with so... we ate with Elder and Hermana Willingham! They took us to this restaurant called Rock & Burger... and my burger and horchatta were super yummy.  It was fun to go out and eat with them. They really are like the grandparents away from home. Hermana Willingham likes to say that we are cousins because her mom was a Jones. She said she has ancestry from Wales.

Even though it´s a little difficult here, we try to make it fun. Yesterday I was thinking what a blessing it was to be where we are. We´ve got an awesome district leader who cares about us, as well as the zone leaders... and being in the area of the mission offices, we´ve got the assistants and secretaries.  We´re basically surrounded by a whole bunch of brothers ... because when you´re a missionary, your family kind of grows.

This is my second last email as a missionary.... so weird. Not all of it has quite sunk in yet. Yesterday I basically said goodbye to one hermana who helps out us missionaries and I´ve grown to love her dearly.

Sorry I don´t have photos this week. My cable went missing a few weeks ago and I don´t have an adapter today.

Take care Everyone!

Hermana Jones

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