Monday, March 30, 2015

My television debut.....

Hey Everyone,

Well, this week has been a little frustrating. The person we found on Sunday dropped us when we went to our scheduled appointment with him on Tuesday, another isn´t living the commandments he should be living and Satan is working REALLY hard with him.

Lidia is so wonderful and progressing but she decided it would be better to push back her baptism. Her daughter that lives in another area broke her leg so we haven´t seen her in the last 3 days.  She´s basically my only hope right now.

 We´ve found other people but they weren´t able to come to church on Sunday or they´ve just disappeared off the face of the planet.  So...I´m a little discouraged right now.

Well...I loved the General Women´s Conference. Last time it focused on temple covenants and this time it focused on families. Even though I love the Spanish language, I would have preferred to watch it in English so I could hear the actual voices of the speakers. I love how Henry B Eyring is always the one from the first presidency to share a message. I love how it talked about how we as women need to be strong in setting an example to the world. It makes me think of Queen Esther. She is my favourite woman in the bible.  And also the women in the Book of Mormon. We don´t hear much about their stories, but  they are amazing. Like... Sariah and Nephi´s wife. We don´t know her name, but we know she cared about Nephi because she  defended him when Laman and Lemuel wanted to kill him and she also loved her mother in law and was sad she was suffering when they were traveling in the boat. Or the mothers of the 2000 stripling warriors. They taught their sons to believe in God and  never doubt. And not one of them fell dead. Also the prophets that speak in the Book of Mormon like Ammon  or Captain Moroni or everyone else. I know they had good mothers and good women in their life because a mom is a large part in the raising of her kids.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE, In the words of Aunt Kelly, I feel like it's better than Christmas. Especially as a missionary.

We were on the TV this morning. We didn´t know it until Hna Lulu, the bishops wife, mentioned it to us. It was in the morning when we were doing exercise at the beach. I´m international now. Haha. are super hard to find here and my shoes that I bought were tearing a bit.  One of the sisters insisted I give her my shoes so she could take them to someone to get them repaired.  In the afternoon we were in the house and I was sewing up the shoes I've been using in the meantime.  Hna Lulu phoned us and asked if we wanted  to go shoe shopping. We went somewhere in Downtown and she bought me some new shoes! I'm pretty sure I´ve already mentioned it, but  I love the Bishop´s family!

Well, I´m really hoping this week will be better. Please keep me in your prayers cause I'm just really needing some spark.

Still enjoying photography........

Hermana Jones

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