Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference week

Hi Everyone,

I loved conference! I didn´t really get to watch a whole lot of the saturday morning session because for those of us who wanted to watch in English, they were having technical difficulties. I watched the afternoon in English, Sunday morning in Spanish and Sunday afternoon in English. I had a cool experience the Sunday morning. When we were singing" I Know that My Redeemer Lives", I was singing in English while everyone around me was singing in Spanish.  When the congregation was shown singing on the screen, there were a part of them that were signing in ASL. I really felt the Spirit, and comfort. No matter what language we speak, when we´re singing hymns, we´re  singing praises to God.

At the stake center, I saw  a sister there that lived in Ojo de Agua while I served there and some time ago she´d moved to the port. It was so lovely to see her face and we gave each other a big hug.

April 1st. Here in Mexico, April Fools Day is in December so I forgot about it.  In the morning the zone leaders called  me (they´re both American) and sid that President called, and my companion and I needed to leave the house and go to higher ground because an unexpected hurricane was going to hit.  I was so confused.  Then 30 seconds after I hung up they phoned back to say" AprilFools Day." Sayer and Olinek...

This week has been a week of....trying to be patient. There were a few days where nothing was working out how we wanted so we decided to buy some icecream and have some comfort food.But...we have some new people we´re teaching.
M. We found him when we were trying to find the directions of a man that Jarquin and I once contacted. He´s in his late 50s or early 60s. He says he´s Catholic but he doesn´t attend  his meetings. He works a little store in his sister´s house... and he´s always tryng to give us free food when we come to visit him . He has lots of interest, but his biggest obstacle right now is his sister, because she doesn´t want him listening to us. We still haven´t met her. He agreed to go to conference with us, but on the note that we´d wait for him at the intersection of his street so itwouldn't cause trouble with his sister. We got there at the time we agreed and phoned him and he said he was already on his way, so...we went to go find him. He loved conference!

Another was B. ,  a reference from the Elders.  She is wonderful, only she didn´t come to see conference.  She's searching for a good church. She´s attended with Catholics, Baptists and Pentocostals. When we first met her she said she loved how the church was organized and everything but she wasn´t so sure about the Book of Mormon. Then my companion explained like just like how she'd like to share with both her kids super awesome news, the same is God with His plan and the church and she said ´´yeah, that makes sense.´´ The next day we met her husband (they´re separated) and her son. Her son is excellent, and it´s a shame he doesn´t live in our area. When I was talking about Joseph Smith, I mentioned how he was a boy who was searching for the truth. and she said ´´Just like me!´´

Right now in the book of mormon I´m in 3rd Nephi and at the beginning the people are SOOO wicked... killing the people they don´t like before bringing up their case to the judge and then killing the judge.  God is telling them to stop killing prophets and other people. I´m thinking...where is the rightousness??? I knew they were wicked before, but still...  Then I got the the part where Jesus comes and after I read Chapter 11 I basically shouted 'Jesu came!' holding up my scriptures.  My compa said to me  ''It´s not the second coming yet.''  I was thinking, not yet, but  I hope that when he does come again we´ll all be shouting with joy ´´´Jesus Came!´´ Because if we´re rightous people, it´s going to be a joyful occasion.

So...let´s be rightous people so we can rejoice when the day comes.


One of the kids eating a cookie with hot sauce       

Hermana Jones

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