Monday, April 27, 2015


Hi Everyone,

This afternoon I write to you from... SAN ANDRES TUXTLA!!!!! The week before last when we had interviews I told President ´´Well, the Lord already knows that I´d really love to go to Los Tuxtlas, so if there are souls out there that need my teaching, please send me there.´´ He said ´´Okay, I´ll have to see what the Lord says.´´ I am beyond stoked...and being in San Andres alone is only part. My Sister Training Leaders are Hna Fletcher and Hna Jarquin!!!!!! I love these two very  much! It was a 3 hour bus ride and when we FINALLY got there...because it seemed like forever... and I saw Hna Jarquin she yelled out ´´COMPITA!!!¨´ and I yelled"compita" back as well. So basically I will be seeing her and working with her the rest of my mission. Why compita?' Compa'  is short for companion and the  ' ita' makes it more endearing. It´s a district of branches here, and I´m in the branch where Hna Jarquin started her mission.

My new companion is pretty green, she just finished her training. Hna Terry trained her and when we saw eachother in the ADO (the bus company we use to travel) she told me to take good care of her, and that she´s super awesome.  Her name is Hna Citam, from Merida, Mexico. I´m not sure if I spelled that right.´s not stupidly humid!!! This past week we had a few days of 40+ and I was sweating like crazy.  But here it´s dry heat. I LOVE IT!

I loved my birthday. It was pretty simple. I didn´t eat a cake but that was quite fine with me. I ate tamales, cheese, nacho chips... food. We ate with the member who we were assigned to eat with, then we went to see Angel and Neri because Neri made tamales for us.  Then we went to see Esperanza, the Elder´s convert, to eat a little more.  We brought tamales home,  and accidently robbed the Elder's sandwiches that they brought from Esperanza´s house. The sisters in Relief Society sang me' the Psalm of ManaƱitas' (a mexican thing) and 'Happy Birthday' to me in Relief Society.  I said goodbyes to some of the people I was able to teach, and we had a traditional FHE before transfers at Nefi´s house.  When they sang to me ,Nefi´s dad was there playing the guitar along. It was pretty simple, but I loved it.
And thanks a lot to those who sent me birthday wishes!!!

The new missionary coming in my place is pretty lucky because we´ve got this awesome teen R. in teaching. She was a reference of the Elders. And there´s A. and her grandkids, and another new person we found this week.

Well I didn´t quite get my goal done of finishing the book of mormon due to packing my life in two suitcases for two days. But I´m soo close!!! I´m in Moroni.

I know this letter is a little short, but I feel it´s sufficient for this week and I don´t need to bore you all with details my super hot days. But I will advise that since my time is slowly ticking, I won´t promise that if snail mail is sent to me  it will get there in time in the next few weeks. It takes 3 months about for a letter to get here from Canada.

Take Care and Read the Scriptures Every Day!


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Hermana Jones

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