Monday, March 23, 2015

A wonderful week!

Hi Everyone,

We had another baptism yesterday!!!! Carlos! Last week, part of the fast we had was for him.  The day of the miracle of Angel, we also saw him, and he was super happy. We also found his mom Lidia! He was telling her that he has been going to church with us, and that he really likes it. We convinced him to cut his hair, which he did this week. After sacrament meeting yesterday, in the next class he was shaking.  We were asking how he was doing. He said he was fine, although we didn´t believe him. But after all the meetings when we saw him again he was doing fine and he just had some nerves. He was excited to have his baptism. We had Julio baptize him. The Elders also had a baptism!!! I´m happy for them because they've been working super hard and I was hoping Elder Ledesma would have one in his training. Because it can be really discouraging when all your baptism dates fall. It was Esperanza and she was super happy. Lidia came with us to church and brought along her granddaughter...I forget her name but she´s super cute. She was very shy when we first met,  but she's sure gotten over that.  Lidia was crying a little bit after the baptism service and really wants to get baptized too. If everything works out, she should have her baptism next Sunday. Prayers for her please! Lidia Medina Lion. When I was wheeling Gregorio back to his house, the pequeñita took a hold of one of the handles which I thought was the cutest thing! Gregorio loved it too, and wanted to give her money so she could buy a candy.

My companion is really lovely. It was a little difficult for me last Monday because I didn´t know a whole lot about her,  plus I said farewell to one of my best friends, but she´s a doll. I´ve been trying to be a good companion and show her the area well so that she can get to know the members. I took her to the bishops house on Tuesday. We both love cheese and photography. She plans to study photography when she gets home.

This week we celebrated Margararita´s birthday, found a new investagator named Ramón and another named Adán. We had some wonderful lessons with less actives where I could tell they were touched by the things we shared with them and they also helped me. Especially Hna Gonsalez... she's blind and sometimes she feels alone but she's got such a strong testimony of the love Heavenly Father has for her.

The other day when a lot of our plans fell, we went to go visit Margarita and Monse and they brought us down to street to eat something and I got a chicharrón preparada which I´ve been craving so long.  Margarita was telling the lady there that we are her borrowed daughters. I love her!

Angel, Neri, and Gregorio recieved the Holy Ghost. And we´re continuing in the hopes of making this ward even stronger.

Love you all, Hermana Jones

A little helper           

Cheese at the Bishop's house! We love it!  

And chocolate!!!!!

Morning selfie          

It rained today! Alot!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

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