Monday, March 9, 2015

One Year!!!

Hey All,

Well I´m one year old as a missionary. Crazy how a whole year has gone by. Now here I am with one foot on the banana peel......

Well, this week was a little more difficult than the last two lovely weeks we've had.  We had an investigator tell us she wasn´t interested in our message  after the 2nd visit and we didn´t have too much luck in finding more people to teach.

We´ve got some people with stubborn hearts. Such as A. Sr. , the dad of the less active we found. On my year anniversary in the mission we had  taught about the Restoration.  Let me tell was SUCH a strong spirit we had in that lesson. A. Jr told us he was thinking about his conversion and how he really wants to go back to church. We had A. Sr give the closing prayer, and when he finished he was crying.  We said ´´feel this, feel how important this is and in which path God wants you to go. We reminded him and N. (his wife) to pray for themselves that night. We came back the next day and he DIDN¨T pray! We were so sad and disappointed. He´s got a hard heart...please a space for A. in your prayers.

G., however looks forward to his baptism. We figured out this week that his daughter C.,who comes and cares for him, is a member of the church...and in her own words has been ´wayword for twenty years.´´ Not only her but also her brother and her daughters ... all inactive. But C. plans to come to his baptism. Also some prayers for G. because... he´s feeling old and getting a little tired of living and hates that he can´t do stuff like he used to do.

J. C.,  remember he´s a little blind...  We left the Elders in charge of him in Priesthood. At the end of the meetings we were getting some things organized and one of the primary kids called us because  he was walking with her grandma and he was so upset. ... i don´t know exactly what happened,  but he was standing alone for some time and he did not like it.

In spite the not great things, there were some good things that happened. Tuesday we got to spend a few hours with Hna Amestica, because with people sick getting sent home and special transfers, she´s companions with the sister training leaders.  They had a meeting on Tuesday so they called us to come and be companions with her for those hours. She started the mission in my district when  I was in Orizaba and she´s such a sweetie.  When we went to the mission office to get her, we got to see Elder Dial and his companion for a few seconds!  His companion Elder Ibarra was in 1 de Mayo before Dial came in.

We bought a cake for my year mark and the STL´s happened to phone that night so they sang me the new year song.

The bishop and his family take good care of us.  They fed us when the sister that was signed up didn´t know when it was our turn to eat with her, and they bought us nice sweaters because it´s been really cold this past few days. My compa has been using one of mine because Hna Barrios has hers.

We got to see what a Book of Mormon for the blind loooks like. We have a blind sister in the ward. We love each other and always share scriptures that we like when we´re reading.

 Hermana Jones

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