Monday, March 16, 2015


Hi Everyone,

First up, we had transfers this morning (they happen on Mondays now) and Hna Jarquin returned to Los Tuxtlas, to a branch called 1 de Mayo. She wanted to go back near the end of her mission but she didn´t know it would really happen.  My new companion is Hermana Martinez and she´s from Cordoba, Argentina.

Hna Jarquin and I have experienced lots of miracles this week.  Our testimonies have increased a LOT!  Multiple times in the scriptiures it mentions people who are fasting and praying for a good cause that they neededhelp in.  It also talks about obiedient people recieving blessings, This is something we still need to be doing these days.

So you all remember A. and I was asking you all to keep him in your prayers. Tuesday morning when we went to go see him, he was the same. Didn´t want to get baptized just yet. N. told Hna Jarquin that she wanted to get baptized but wouldn´t without him. Tuesday after lunch we decided to have a fast... for a few reasons and one of them is that he would accept a baptism for this Sunday.

Wednesday we went to go them with Giselle. We talked about baptism again and shared some scriptures about it. I knew N. wanted a baptism, so I asked her about wanting to get baptized so she could express what she felt about it infront of her husband. Hna Jarquin shared a story from her life about the blessings she saw in her family when she chose to get baptized. I shared an experience from my life and  then I felt like singing a hynm. I opened my hymnbook to " Beautiful Zion" and started singing it.  Then we asked A. to say the closing prayer. In the prayer, he asked that the Lord would soften his heart. He started crying in his prayer and when he finished we helped him recognixe that what he was feeling was the Holy Ghost.  He wanted the Elders to come in that moment for his baptism interview.

We had three baptisms this Sunday A, N. and G.  These baptisms were a miracle in themselves with their sicknesses.

I´m keeping this short because that´s the main thing I wanted to share today.

I love being a missionary.

Hermana Jones

Saying Goodbye to a dear friend.......


Hna Garcia has completed her mission    
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