Monday, March 2, 2015


Hi Everyone,

This week was a bit crazy and busy with things not exactly related with things in the mission field, but my companion and I have found the Lord blessing us in many ways.

We had many hospital visits. Well..... 3. 2 of them involved my companion. She´s a little sick and needed to get some tests done so that took some time from the field. But in the hospital visits we the opportunity to teach two lessons.

The last one happened as a Relief Society activity. Not a whole lot of the sisters could make it so we were few in number, but it was a really special. We brought with us a bunch of hot chocolate, sandwiches, and these squares that were orange flavored (it´s all about oranges here in Mexico right now), and Liahonas (which are the friend, new era and ensign all in one). When we got to the hospital we set up a little station. There were a bunch of people there, and they just started lining up to get something to eat/drink. The Elders were passing out the Liahonas,and some people went up to them to ask for them. I was handing out pass'along cards of when Jesus was resurrected and the people in this little line were really happy to see this image. A picture of our Savior, the Saviour of everyone, whichever religion we are.  Also here outside were Evangelists singing  Christian songs...which I´m not going to lie... it was a a little fun hearing their singing.

Hermana Jarquin was saying that night when we got back to our house... there were many people there. Evangelists, Catholics, Latter Day Saints (us)... people of most likely a lot of different religions. But we were all there with one spread some love. Hna Jarquin wanted me to take a picture there with her presenting a Liahona to someone, and with that she learned a story of lady who had lost all of her family. This lady gave out her address so the missionaries could come visit her. We also got a a few more addresses of people who wanted the missionaries to come and visit them.

So remember A.? We´re teaching his parents now and they are lovely people. Their names are A. and N. When we placed a baptism date with them they thought it was a bit soon, but we´re going to help them out so they feel prepared. They´ve been traveling 45 minutes to go to a Catholic church in downtown and we said  ´´Come with´s a lot closer´´ and when we went to visit them on Saturday night their daughter was there. She's a member,and they told her that they were going to go to church and they wanted her to come with them. They loved church! They said that they felt there was a lot of unity there and loved hearing the testimonies of people in the congregation and not just listening to only one person give a sermon.

G. is doing wonderfully. He´s the cutest little old man. He calls us hermanitas. We have to teach him a little like a kid and we´re trying to teach him how to pray. When we taught him the Restoration Hna Jarquin asked him if we could pray together to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and when we prayed, we felt this sweet peace. It was a really cool experience.

We passed Y. to the Elders.
L. has been gone almost all week because her sister is sick and lives in another part of town.

F. told us that she wants to be a missionary and she went out to teach with us for a couple hours on Wednesday, and she´s going to go out and teach with us this next Wednesday. D. wants to go out and teach with us too, and F. said to him ´´no, you can go out and teach with the elders.´´

Hna Jarquin and I have been reading a ton in Alma...and we LOVE it. She finished it today. All 63 chapters in 12 days. I love chapters 42, 43 , all the chapters with Captain Moroni, because he was a clever man. He was always ready and prepared. When he and his men are out in battle, he comes up with the best strategies and he doesn't have his men go out and battle for blood and victroy, but to keep the freedom of the people.The scriptures say that if all men were like him, Satan would not have any power over anyone on the earth.
But something MORE than that.
He was an AMAZING friend.

Everybody, please go and read Alma 53:2. How he was with Lehi. They were great friends who loved each other and cared for each other. More than that, the people of Lehi loved them.

Yesterday we were sharing about Moroni in a lesson with M.´s family. Hermana Jarquin was saying she hoped that everyone could find a friend like Moroni. She also said that of all the 17 companions she´s had (due to many trios) ... I am her Moroni. That meant a lot to me. I love my companion. We´re not just mission companions. We´re also friends and sisters.

And well...according to the Bishop, the members in the ward love us.

Please, everyone, be a wonderful friend.

Hermana Jones

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