Monday, February 23, 2015

More Veracruz happenings

Hi Everybody,

To the sister that's coming to this mission...WELCOME!!! My Mom told me that you found my blog here. Send me an email and let me know when you're coming. I´m honestly so excited to meet you!

This week was a little crazy...but Hna Jarquin and I are both happy with the results from it. We´ve got some new people in teaching!

L. and her son J. C. L. is 62 and J. C. is 38. I found them with Hna Barrios last week because I got a tiny bit lost and we asked them for directions. And they said they´d like to be taught. They were just two little streets away from where we meant to go.  I was thinking...I needed to get a little lost. Otherwise we wouldn´t have talked to them. L. said that a while ago there were missionaries that passed by her house and all the sudden they stopped coming. I´m guessing' whitewash' and they must not have made a registro. The family is very important for L. so we try to apply this when we teach her the lessons.

We also found a 99 year old man named G. We were walking down the street and he was sitting in his front yard and I decided to start talking to him. He´s a sweet little man and was talking to us and told us that his wife passed away a few month ago and he was sad about that. He was crying and we said to him ´´Brother, you´ll see your wife again.´´ and he shook his head, but we said ´´´s in Heavenly Father´s plan.´´  We invited him to church the next day (it was Saturday when we found him), and asked him if he´d like to be baptized. He said yes to both church and baptism.     Sunday....he loved church! I asked him how he found it and he said the messages were very beautiful.

Y. She's a former investigator of the Elders and already has a bunch of assistences at church. We found her when we were visiting our neighbor and she accepted a visit from us for another day. She´s a young single mother. Her husband died a while ago. Her challenge is to know why baptism is so important.

They all came to church on Sunday!!! It was a whole bunch of running around to go and find them and bring them to church and it took more than one trip (J. C. is a little blind so we had Julio come with us to give him a ride),and we had to bring G. in his wheelchair and afterwords find Y.  But...we were very happy that with even though the day of rest wasn´t so much a day of rest for us.

 The other day we were walking towards an appointment and I felt a strong impression to contact a man and his little son that were walking towards our direction. His name is A. and we learned that he's a member but hasn´t been active for many years. We took his directions and made an appointment to see him Saturday.  Saturday was a day of A TON of walking. Our area is tiny but we were walking from one extreme to another. This is what we were doing, walking from one end of the area to the last street on the other end to find his house. We found him, got to learn a little about his life and had a little lesson. In that lesson we felt a sweet and strong spirit.

Everybody...I don´t know if it´s already come out in English already... but on Thursday all the missionaries here in the port got the opportunity to watch the film/documentry of' Meet The Mormons.'  It´s coming to the theatres at the end of the month here and since we can´t go to the movies as missionaries, we watched it with President in the stake centre.   It´s a beautiful work and EVERYBODY should go and watch it. I don´t care who you are... EVERYBODY!  Thankyou. It touches on the everyday lives of members around the world. One of the stories includes a boxing couple in Costa Rica and that made Hermana Duran, our Costa Rican in our district, a little proud, My favourite part was the story of this one mom.

I want to share one of the studies that I had this week. This one morning I was doing some studies for a sister who's having some troubles. I was looking through some scriptures in the letter that Hna Orduña left me and I found some gems. 2 Timothy 2:3 "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jusus Christ " and 4:7.  "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith".  So here in this life...we´re all in a battle. Always. Whether it be within ourselves, a commandment that´s hard to keep, something that's happened to a loved matter what, we're constantly in a battle. The first scripture here tells us that when we´re in battle, Jesus is our chief, our aid, our commander. Whenever we fall, He's going to be there to help pick us back up again.
The second scripture...well here the battle is done. It´s done and we have won. It links to a footnote in D&C that says we've earned a place to live with our Heavenly Father. The second part... in the spanish scriptures ... has a footnote that says perseverance. Last of feel absolutely satisfied, we need to keep our faith. Faith is the first principle in the gospel of Jesus Christ and we need to work on it to keep it strong and never doubt. I remember how Elder Bateman ended his letters   (welcome home Jordan!!!)

Doubt Not, Fear Not,

My companion's Birthday      

I bought a coconut         

Heading off to church       

Hermana Jones

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