Monday, February 9, 2015

Another moving day!


Well, this week has been.... a little bit of a rollercoaster.

We had a 70 come and visit us.

We moved houses....after 7 weeks of looking for one.

F. and D. got baptized! And.....

My companion and the Family Ceron can't believe my contrary thoughts towards valentines day.

These are the biggest things that have happened this week.

The 70 that came was Elder De Hoyos and he and his wife had a conference with us this week. One thing they spoke of that I really liked was on how to increase our faith. There are many ways. And... when we increase our faith we have an increase in desire to do the things that our Heavenly Father asks us.

Moving houses was super stressful. We had told the elders 3 weeks before that we would need help when we were to move, to find someone with a truck to move all our stuff. We couldn't   find anyone.  The morning of Thursday we were moving out all our stuff and cleaning the house top  to bottom.  The landlords made note we were moving and made little bit of a comment to hoping we'd be fine.  Elder Acevdo phoned us, "well...we cant find a truck. What if you move all your stuff back in?" and we said ...".No. We have stressed enough and we want to move in to our new house." This new one...we are neighbors with this super sweet member.

My compa texted Hna Margarita and she sent Julio and his girlfriend over to the rescue.  With the brains of Acevdo....he made everything fit into Julio's little car with only 3 trips to our new house. Pictures of it soon, the house.  When we got there we couldn't open the lock to the gate, so we phoned the landlord and he told us to break it open and he'd replace a new one soon. That was an adventure on its own.

F. and D.. Well....they got baptized on Friday and we were inviting as many people as we could . it was an awkward hour at 4 because some people are still at work and school and we were trying to invite lot sof the members so F. and D. could feel nice and welcome.  Not everyone was able to come. The welcome to the ward was by Nefi , and  to young mens and womens were two youth from those classes. But....the zone leaders came. It was a little service...but it was still really great!

 Sunday when we went to their house to go to church a JW tried to contact them at their door. When she saw us in their house she said 'Oh, i see you're leaving soon. Bye!´ They´re officially members now! F.has a personal progress book and we´re going to help D. get ready to receive the priesthood.

 Feb 14 is coming and I hate that day's not  day of love and friendship. It's a day of commercialism. EVERY DAY you should show your love towards your loved ones. And if you want to dedicate a special day.... a random Tuesday, Thursday, whatever day you want. Not because society tells you you have to, but because you want to for yourself. Those are a summary of my thoughts. Nefi, Giselle and Aunt Shelina said ´'how can you not like Valentines day?'' I think they´re going to try to change my mind, because Nefi says he's still giving us Valentines day gifts. My ward mission leader and his family are awesome.

Les Quiero
Hermana Jones
"Movers extrodinaire"          

Baptism day   

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