Monday, February 16, 2015

Blessed are the children

Hi Everyone,

This week.
Monday...was very busy with many things so we had no time to eat nor buy food.  By the time  evening came we were starving.  We went to visit one of our " mothers", M. because she was sick and she asked us ''Are you hungry? There´s some chicken, eggs, bread, orange juice. You both go right ahead and make yourselves something!" She is super sweet! She always says to us 'My daughters, my daughters.... I love you both so much a lot''  After that we went to an FHE with another one of our mothers, M...a.  There we ate pizza. So in the end, we got food on Monday.

We ate mariscos with the bishop. He and his wife took us out to a restaurant and...they were interesting. Not my favourite.  The next day the sister served us these tacos and after this soup.  I was trying to eat it was too much.  I told her and she said ''that´s okay. give it to me and I'll finish it´´

Something that happened this week.  One day we went to go visit a part member family, but when we got to their house they were outside almost ready to leave. We met the brother of the mom in this family and when we were talking to him and he was saying he wasn´t interested at all in going to church with us.  Then we asked him about his daughter, if he would allow her to take the discussions. He said he was fine with that. His daughter is such a gem, 9 or 10 years old. After our first lesson with her she did her homework to pray and ask if what we shared was true, and her answer was yes. After church on Sunday she told us that she wants to get baptized.

A few weeks ago, Hna Jarquin and I were talking with a couple in our ward. Here, in 1 de Mayo, it´s the younger people here who are the driving force. We've got a 13 year old convert here, the only one in her family, and she is a faithful church goer and such a gem! Something in my patriarchal blessings says that I´ll have the wonderful oppurtunity to teach children, blessing their lives´´. And... I shared this with my companion when I was talking about something completely different. She said to me 'So that's why we're finding a bunch of kids'  D. and F., M..o, his friend that loves going to church with us, and this new little girl C. I never thought of it that way before. So that was a little cool.

There's a carnival going on here right now, and President has taken all missionaries in the area of the carnival out of that area. Meaning there´s a few temporary trios. One of those is us. Since Thursday, we've been having Hna Barrios as our third companion.

 I bet people are asking... how was Valentines Day for the girl who hates Valentines Day? Lately for morning exercise we've been running over to where the beach is. We don´t run on the beach, but by the beach.  Saturday we took a little time to write some messages in the sand. We have no food in the house. the evening I ordered a pizza for us. Since we're a trio right now we took advantage of it and did divisions the whole day. I worked with Hna Barrios and Hna Jarquin with Anita.  The Elders that day were supposed to eat with our neighbor, but she was running around downtown getting stuff ready for her daughter's birthday party and she forgot about feeding them. They called us when we were eating and we were trying to figure it out.  The sister said ´'Just tell them to come over here and eat.' She should be blessed. She fed 6 mouths that day.

Here, sometimes we have some contacts that we´re never going to forget - like one grandpa that said that Jarquin was 14 years old and that I had a husband. My compa got mad and firmly said that none of us as young missionaries are married.

Another one, we wanted to give her a passalong card and she said that she doesn´t worship images (well...of course we don´t either because its a commandment) but she wouldn´t accept it for anything.

Yesterday I started this contact, and this man was telling us that he believed in God but he doesn´t practice a religion.  We´re said ´´Well Jesus didn´t preach religion, he preached the gospel´´ and he said to us ´´no...the emergion of religions all started with Jesus´´...-  It was interesting. Sometimes you've just got to laugh.

Hna Jarquin completes her year in the mission, and her birthday is this Wednesday!!!

I love reading the Book of Mormon!
And I love being a missionary.

Hermana Jones

...our current trio

Someone left there dog overnight in the front patio of our house

Valentines...Love my companion!!    

Love to the family!


Happy Birthday Dad!       
Making tamales with 'Uncle Bob"

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