Saturday, October 4, 2014

September 29 - Ana's Baptism

Hi Everybody!!!!!

So D&C 18 talks about how full your joy is when you bring one soul to unto God. My joy is pretty full. Ana is a baptized and confirmed member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.

She had her baptism on Friday. This came in a lot of factors. Because General Conference is next weekend  (which I'm so excited for) and she´s moving the week after that we weren't really sure where she`d get her confirmation. Oscar also wanted to see her baptism Sop with special permission from President, she got baptized after 4 Sundays of assisting. Oscar`s only day off is Friday. It was a wonderful service! America (their daughter and one of my favourite 5 year olds) was really afraid at first. She has a fear of water, and she was scared that Ana wouldn´t come back up after her baptism. But...she put her faith that everything would be alright. And it was. Oscar gave the opening prayer for the service. He asked that he would nbe able to follow the footsteps of his wife and get baptized one day too. The Bishop was like ...`´I can´t believe he is not a member.´´ Oscar´s prayer was a beautiful one. The Family Charly was quite involved. Hna Gladys gave one f the talks and Hno Charly baptized her. America gave the closing prayer. She's only 5 years old, but her prayers are so wonderful. An RM that gave a talk last week was saying that some of the most sincerest prayers are from little children. SO TRUE! In her prayer, she mentioned how at first she was a little scared, but then she knew it was going to be okay. Hna Jensen and I sang at her baptism. We were trying to figure out in the morning what we should sing and we just weren`t coming up with anything we just felt was THE HYMN. So we decided we would sing one to make our minds up. But during the service she opens her hymnbook to How Great Though Art. A hymn that she was planning on saving for something else, and says she feels like we should sing this one. Hna Jensen wanted to solo the first one in English. She has a wonderful voice. And we sang the other verses together in Spanish. 

So for the closing hymn, we sang Eternas Pueden Ser Las Eternas. I write in Spanish because I think it sounds better in Spanish.Haha. I used to dislike that hymn...but now I love it. What a priveldge we have that because there are temples on the earth, we can be families forever.

Temples and Covanents. What it talked about in the womens conference. I miss going to the temple and I decided that when I return home, I´m gonna make time to go each week. I know that what little sacrifice I have for it the Lord will bless me.

Ana`s confirmation of the Gift of Holy Ghost on Sunday. It made me want to cry of happiness. It almost did. Just another confirmation of how much the Lord loves us and knows us. In her blessing, like near the mentioned that one day she and her family would get sealed in the temple. Hna Jensen and I just looked at eachother with the biggest smiles on our faces. It also mentioned that she would have a calling in the Relief Society presidency. What was cool, is that the Patriarch lives in the ward so he gave her confirmation.

These words I not justify the happiness I feel. That through me and my companion, the Lord was able to bring another one of his beloved daughters to the truth. It`s been such a blessing to teach Ana!

Much Love,
Hermana Jones

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