Monday, October 13, 2014


Hello Everyone!

So I totally forgot that it was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. And today is part of it. So....some things I'm thankful for:

I´m thankful that through being a missionary, I`ve been able to gain more of a testimony in the simple truths of the gospel.

I`m thankful for my leaders here. Sometimes it can be a little hard to accept all their council ... like me talking with a pen in my mouth when I´m at my house. But they are inspired and they are here to help us.
I´m thankful for the sister training leaders, Hna Terry and Hna Johnson and the things they teach us.. even the things that aren´t gospel related. Like when I was in divisions with Hna Johnson, she taught me how I can keep my hair a little more healthy. She also helped me with not stressing about the small stuff ( I kind of sort of lost the cellphone of me and Hna Jensen during our divisions). But it´s fine, there´s another one sent on it´s way and we´re borrowing one of them from the sister training leaders.

I´m thankful for being able to teach and contact people. I´ll expand on the people we´re teaching next week.
One contact, in divisions with Hna Johnson, we were by the church because we had an appointment with a recent convert, and he lives by the church. Well, this recent convert lives by the church, but no one was at his house.  We were going go to our plan B. The road we were going to go dow... this really drunk man just entered it. I didn't feel good about going down the road.  On the corner was this young guy, and Hna Johnson said...hey let´s go contact him. His name is M. A.  We were talking a bit, learning a bit about him and invited him to come to church. Then we you want to come see it? It´s just up the road. So that night, it was mutual night for the youth. They all came up to him and introduced themselves, offered him juice and cookies. Really welcoming. Then he told us he had to get back home.  When we walked back, he told us a bit about his family. His little brother is mute, but he´s really intelligent.  I just started feeling like bearing my testimony about the Resurrection and told him that one day his little brother would be able to talk. Hna Johnson took out a Book of Mormon to give to him and marked Alma 40 for him to read, which is a wonderful chapter.  He said ``I can`t take`s yours.`` And we said ...its for you!Yesterday we had a set appointment with him, but we were late because comida was still being cooked when we got to our appointment,  and we wanted to ask Hna Gladys if she could come to the lesson. When we found his house, his dad was there and said ` he left 10 minutes ago. He was looking for you and waiting for you. His dad told us that M. told his family about us and that he´s reading the Book of Mormon. and his dad said that he´d like to hear our message as well but he was busy with something else. I am really excited to actually start teaching Migel.

I´m grateful for testimonies. Yesterday was testimony meeting. There were wonderful testimonies. One thing Elder Ruiz said in his testimony was that when he was young, he thought the church and its teachings were true, later he believed they were true. But now, he knows it´s true. And what we know is our testimony. Yesterday, after a sad lesson of a less active telling us that she didn´t believe in Joseph Smith and how he is a prophet, we went to visit a recent convert of the Elders. G. Her son has been a member for a few years, he bore a beautiful testimony yesterday and she was saying how she wished she had the guts to go up there and bare hers. But she basically bore hers to us. She has such faith, and is such a strong women.

I´m grateful for the hard times. They are not fun, but they shape us and they help us to support our companions.

I´m grateful I had the oppurtunity to write you all today.

Hermana Tessa Marie Jones

I´m thankful for the support of my family and friends back home. I miss you all dearly.

``If you can´t change it, quit worrying about it. If you can change it, change it, and stop worrying about it.`` -Hna Johnson´s wisdom of why she is so stinkin happy all the time.

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