Friday, October 31, 2014

October 27, 2014 Eleanor's Baptism

My Dear Family and Friends,

Eleanora is getting her baptism interview today, and she´s getting baptized next Sunday!  Hna Jensen and I love her!. One of the days we went to see her this week we were saying how prepared she was and were asking her why she was so prepared to hear this message. She told us the night before we went to go and contact her, she was making a list of things she wants to get better at. The one that was on the top of her list was to find her faith in God and make it better. And when we came the next day, she knew that this was the answer how. God puts people in our paths!Yesterday at church she asked us if we could recieve gifts as missionaries, and she gave us these cute sandle earrings. We´re going to wear them at her baptism. We also had an FHE at her house last night. Dennis, one of the recent RM´s came with us. It was about the atributes of Christ, and it was a matching scripture with atribute game. We were happy because not only her mom participated, but her siblings too. And her brother told us the day before that he wasn´t interested. But there he was!One attribute that her mom picked was virtue, and she´s like  ...YEAH! I want to be a virtuous women! ...  To me and Hna Jensen tjhat was funnty becasue we were saying earlier that day that eventualy when she gets baptized, she´s gonna be a YW or RS president.

 Saturday/Sunday was a mission farewell. Elder Cansino, who is going to the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission. Saturday night there were a bunch of his uncles, and his dad who had wise words for him, and some for me too. One of his uncles said that numberwise, it wasn´t successful,but that the things he gained from his mission made it successful for him. He said `hagas tu maximo´´, which is what I want to do. It was nice hearing a bunch of mission stories, because sometimes in the moment I wonder what I´ll think at the end of it. I hope, like all the family of this new missionary, that I will say it was the best 18 months of my life. On Sunday, in a talk it was mentioned that as a missionary, we get the chance to walk with the Lord everyday.  I just thought, Sometimes that means we need to walk with Him when He´s sad, when one of His sons or daughters isn´t following in His footsteps. But we also get to feel His joy, which is something wonderful.

Something awesome that happened. TYhe other day we decided to hike up a huge hill to visit a family that hasn´t been to church in 3 months. During this hike I was saying how I missed real cookies and Hna Jensen missed real milk. When we visited them, we got cinnamon cookies. They´re not home made...but they were really yummy.  Hna Jensen got some milk that´s from a cow. Ask and you shall recieve? Also...the next day they were at church. It made us so happy!

If you could put a girl named Blanca in your prayers. She´s a convert of a few months, and she wants to go to church, but with her family situation right now, she isn´t able to. I feel so sad for her!

Sorry it wasn´t a whole mass of information this week. But these were the highlights for me. And I forgot to take pictures of our house. OOPS!

Hermana Jones

Tanivet and Tessa. She is from Ojo de Agua and was in Nogales for a mission farewell

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