Monday, October 20, 2014

The latest news.....

Hola Todos,

I forgot to tell you last week that we moved again. The other house had polvo falling from the ceiling and our leaders didn´t like that. Our new landlords are friends of the Charly family and they are wonderful.  The landlady calls us her daughters.It´s pretty new, and we have a boiler! So we don´t have to shower with hot water in a bucket, which is really nice!  I haven´t taken pictures of it yet because we weren`t quite done unpacking, so I´ll send some next week.

Hermana Jensen and I are doing fine as companions. We ate tortas and torta tostadas today for our lunch. They were so good! It´s funny, I have a different food thing with each companion. With Hna Orduña it was chileatoles, Hna Garcia was picaditas, and with Hna Jensen it´s tortas. Tortas are sandwiches with the crispy? type of buns with turkey leg or chicken, and mine with raja peppers. Have  I mentioned I like eating spicy things?I know about her friends and family and she knows about you too. She kept her mission call pretty hush like I did. She´s a new aunt! Her older brothers wife had her baby exactly 2 weeks ago and her middle name is Lluvia, which I think is pretty cool. Lluvia means rain. Her younger brother is in the marines right now working on planes.She also loves wearing my clothes. Haha, it´s fine.Companionships aren´t the easiest things. We are both very different people with different personalities, but we learn together, and when we see the fruits of our work it´s really rewarding.

E., .... She is golden!  She was a ´´reference´´. I put that in quotation marks because we thought she was another person that was a reference. We got a ref from an RM of a friend of his named B.  that works in a papeleria. So one day we went there and asked if she was B. She said yes and we set up an appointment with her. This was  two weeks ago.  When we brought members with us she´d introduce herself as E., so we asked her if she liked that better. So now we refer to her as E. She doesn´t know this RM that refered us to B., but what´s funny is she has another friend that just returned home from a mission. This other B. works there on Sundays. E. first took some discussions with missionaries about a year ago, but then she was a lot more busy with school and work so they had to drop her. She has a baptism set for Nov 2 and she´s really excited for it.

Remember when I talked about A. M. a few weeks ago? She actually came to church with us this Sunday! M. came too. He´s wonderful. He really wants to change for the better.

 I want to share something that happened this week.  We had a couple difficult days this week. One morning as I was getting ready I was thinking about how I was in my reading of the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 4, and I was excited to read that chapter. When it was time for personal study and I got to my desk, my scriptures were open to Alma 26. People, this is my favourite chapter in the Book of Mormon, so I had to read it. I forgot a lot about it, but as I was reading it, it was so personal for me. Ammon is talking about how there were discouragements when he was a missionary and how there were some days that they just wanted to go back home. But God told them to wait and have a little patience, then that the miracles would come.
Family and Friends, My Heavenly Father assigned that chapter to me. It was open to it on my desk. He knows us personally and what we need the most. I am not the most patient person, but I need to try and be better.

Love you all!

Hermana Jones

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