Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference week

Hello Everyone!

Well this week.... it was a difficult one.

It´s sad to see someone who could progress so much not have the strong enough desires to make time to listen a little more. Or going to set up appointments and being told that they are too busy and when can we come back again.  When we do they say the same thing. Days of trying to find new souls to save and not having any luck. Or a sad investigator that can't just sacrifice a little time to watch a session of conference that would give her joy. She has depression. We want to help her so much but we can´t help her to progress if she´s not keeping her commitments. That`s probably one of the most frusterating parts of a mission.

This was the first week of a new transfer and Hna Jensen and I have another one together. I have a feeling I´m going be in Nogales for 6 months.

Elder Cortez is now our district leader and training Elder Weatherford who`s from Seattle, Washington. I swear he´s the first Elder I´ve met here that´s not from Utah or Idaho. I don't think I´ve ever said that we share Nogales with the zone leaders. We do. Elder Cortes and Elder Ruiz.

So...even though this week wasn't the best, there were some good things that happened too. Thank goodness for those things!

Ana and Oscar. We had a lesson with them on Friday night which started being about obedience. I read that morning about Nephi and his family on the boat and I wanted to share it. So for that part of it, we used my mini whiteboard to draw images of the boat and everything. Then it turned into talking about the Holy Ghost. We were asking Oscar how he felt at the baptism and he was saying he felt really good and welcome. He was saying once he went to this church with Ana of some other religion and he didn´t feel comfortable at all. That usually when he`s with a lot of people he doesn`t know, he feels nervous, but during the baptism he wasn`t. He was saying that when Hna Jensen was singing English, even though he couldn´t understand it, he felt this wonderful feeling. So we read Galations 5 with him where it talks about the fruits of the spirit and he felt all the words he understood.  In his prayer to close the lesson, he asked that God would help him find a way to make his family an eternal one. OH.... Ana told us that when America is older, she wants to go on a mission.

Last night, after conference, we went to visit a friend of a member, she's a new investigator that because of her work, right now we´ll only be able to visit on Sundays. It was a wonderful lesson and she told us that if she thought we didn`t have anything of worth saying, she wouldnt have let us in.  After that, we went to go search for a less active that we´ve been trying to find for 2 weeks. She wasn`t we were trying to think of who else to see in the area. Not many people live around this member.  Hna Jensen remembered this less active we met 2 or so weeks ago.  This member told us that at the end of our lesson, she needed us to visit her and she just felt like it was a big spiritual hug.

I loved conference! and I´m running out of time so I won´t be able to talk about it a lot.  We were able to watch 3 of the sessions in English. When Elder Holland was speaking, we´re were saying ´`oh there´s hna Terry´s uncle´´Something I gained from it is a little more confidence. My leaders and my companion see this potencial in me that I haven´t quite seemed to unleash and I´ve been trying to figure out how. Here´s the thing.... there´s been this little tiny grain of self doubt in me. This little tiny grain is small, but it´s been big enough to impede me from getting one step better. So...I´m gonna squash it. I´m gonna shred it up and blow it away in the wind.  I would appreciate all your prayers to help me with this. I feel like I´ve been better at it this weekend. Like...I absolutley loved the lessons I had last night.  Hna Jensen was saying she sees my own method of teaching coming more to light. And what it is is that I teach with love.

Here´s to more.

Hermana Jones

Note: Tessa's pictures pretty much come without any explanation, or names of who is in them. She did mention the one day was "Red Sunday". Also, you can see that she and her companion were pretty excited about conference.

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