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Why I love October 31

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I love October 31. Sure, it´s nice that Halloween falls on that day and we get an excuse to eat candy or dress up as something you´re not. But I for me especially, I love October 31 because that was the day I recieved my mission call. The day where I felt sick in the morning/afternoon turned around when my mom showed me my call. And especially...when I opened my call. How it felt so right, how much joy I felt that I was going to be a servant of the Lord.

I´ll tell you another reason why I love October 31.  Eleanora´s (or Nora) baptism was scheduled for this Sunday. But here´s what was happening on Sunday. We weren´t having church until 1 because Cordoba Stake was using our building for their stake conference, and then we missionaries of Orizaba Stake had a meeting with President and the bishoprics of the stake at 6. And we still needed to eat. Lots of things.  So...the zone leaders asked President if we could baptize her on Friday, as Saturday the building would be used. President said yes.
Friday fell on the 31 of October.

Nora was so excited to hear she could get baptized a few days later. She said that she feels her life has changed a lot since she met us. This was not that long ago. She chose Elder Ruiz  to baptize her. The bishop conducted her baptism and one thing that was cool is he quoted a scripture, which happened to be the first one she told us she really liked 2 Nephi 31 verse 20.
Nora´s family came to support her, which made us really happy. Alma Marina, our other investigator came and she said she felt something really beautiful. Because it was suddenly switched,  we tried to tell members when we ate with them that there´d be a baptism on Friday. We didn´t really know what to expect. But of the few YSA we have, they were all there. I love the YSA of Nogales. They are so welcoming of other people. Well...they basically all came off their missions within 3 months, so they also love the work. Some converts of Hna Jensen also came...2 baptisms she had before I arrived. She asked me to ask Misael (one convert) to offer the closing prayer. She told me afterwords it was because Misael was her first baptism here, and Nora is going be her last. Connection there.

Sunday, when she got confirmed, her mom also came to sacrament meeting. It was wonderful! This Sunday was fast Sunday, so it was testimony meeting. Nora went up to bare her testimony. In it she shared how she felt that for a long time she was in this darkness and she wanted to get out of it. The night she made her goals...she said she prayed like never before. The next day we found her. But just as Ammon says in Alma 26:12, I don´t want to boast of myself, but I want to boast of God. He´s the ones that brings about many mighty miracles.

You hear about those stories about missionaries finding someone at that right moment. To be one of those missionaries is something wonderful to experience. I am someone´s missionary.

Something that´s sad for me... Ana, Oscar, America and little Ana Cristina don´t live here anymore. On Saturday morning we went over to their house to help them pack up and we said our the words of Oscar...see you laters. I will be seeing them later.

Hermana Jones

Baptism Day


See you laters

Cute house where Tessa lives

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