Monday, September 22, 2014

Christ's Church

Hi Everyone,

I have so much I want to share. I hope I can find the time.

So...I had a little bit of an epiphany, ...a continuation from yesterday to today that I want to share. Yesterday for my study I was studying about Christ's earthly ministry as well as a bit of the Apostacy. There are two scriptures from the bible that PMG provides. One talks about how we don`t just choose Christ, but He chooses us. After Christ and his apostles died, the gospel was gone from the earth. Then there came all those different churches. There came reformers, because they didn`t like what the church they had at that time was teaching, so they took what they wanted and started their own church. There were inspired people, and for that I am grateful. They helped create religous freedom. But that's not how the gospel works. The gospel is of God, not of Man. We can interpret it any way we want to, how we might like it, but the gospel is of God. Joseph Smith, our first prophet in the latter days is a true prophet of God. He was confused by all these different churches, and when he read James 5, he KNEW he had to ask God. God and Jesus Christ answered him. Joseph Smith was chosen to restore the church just as Jesus Christ had it when he was on the earth. This is why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter'Day Saints isn`t just another church to choose from. It is literally Christ´s church.

There's so much to study that's in Preach My Gospel, so many references for us to look up and read...., the mission library... The reason why is because part of building your testimony of something is actively learning it. My understanding of The Apostacy and how it affected the world has really has grown these past few days. I want to study so much more about it.

We had Zone Conference this week. I learned a lot. I already knew it`s important to keep up with the converts and help them grow their testimonies, but it`s also important to keep up in where they're at in other things in activity in the church. I could expand on more... but to sum it up it`s called the Work of Salvation. I have lots I want to write.

One day we were on the bus to go to comida and this clown was on it performing...they do things sometimes on the bus here in Mexico. We were about to get of, and the clown was saying 'getting off already wueras? I love you Canada!´ and it was so weird because everyone uaually assumes I´m from the United States.

I want to talk about Hector. He is a dad of some members in the ward and we met him at the ward Mexico Day party. His daughters wanted us to come visit him this week, so we went Saturday. He's duro ... like he's not sure if there is a God or not. We had such a great lesson. We were there with two of his daughters and his grandson that recently returned home from his mission. Even though he's duro ... we both, Hna Jensen and I, can see such a potential in him, That once he gets that's going be a strong one.

Yesterday, some other members told us that we should come visit their neighbours, and that the neighbours knew that we were going to come. The Rodrigues Family. We met four of them yesterday. They're Catholic by belief but they don't attend. We had a really good lesson with them, and they were asking lots of questions about baptism, as they were baptized as babies. Like with Hector, Hna Jensen and I can see some really good potencial with them, like they truely want to known what they should be doing.

We've been doing lessons with converts and less actives about Family History. And with that, I would love to know more about my family history. Starting with my great if I could get info on them, that would be fabulous.

Why does time always run by so fast?

Les Quiero!

Hermana Tessa Marie Jones

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