Monday, September 8, 2014

Nogales happenings

Mi Querida Familia a queridos Amigos,

It's raining right now. Just in case you were all curious. It rains a lot here in Nogales.

 Ivan didn't get baptized this Sunday. He does plan to get baptized, but he wishes to be better in health before doing so and is waiting for a firm answer. But he will. We`ve just got to respect his decision for now. Something funny, his son in one of his prayers asked that his dad could make the decision to get baptized.

Ana was able to come to church yesterday! She is so wonderful. She told us the other day that she has a testimony of Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon and the church. She had some insiteful things to say in Gospel Principles. The Elders had a baptism after church, so she stayed to watch that. We`re almost done teaching her all the lessons. We just have a few commandments, and lesson 5 and we still have to wait 4 more Sundays.

Something funny that happened during one of our visit when Oscar was also there.  They wanted to know about the our families and the names of everyone. They asked our names too. Usually we don't give them , but it's Ana and Oscar - so as long as they promised to still call us by Hermanas. So I said 'mi nombre es Tessa'.
Oscar:`Su nombre es casa?¨ looking really confused.  Hna Jensen, Ana, and I started laughing.  For the people that don't know spanish, casa means house, so he first heard that my name was house.

We had to drop some investigators this week. All the set appointments we made...they weren`t there. But we picked up 3.

Rayo. She's a former investigator. Her family is Catholic and when she was getting taught she wasn't 18 yet and didn't get good permission from her parents. So hopefully it can be okay now.
Keyra, another former. Her mom is a less active. Keyra is sisters with Sarai ... from Ojo de Agua.
Raquel,  mother of a recent convert who is less active right now. Valeria. They both don't like wearing skirts.  Valeria says that is one reason why she's not attending. Raquel  wants to be baptized. When we placed a date with her and she asked ' can it be sooner?`` We placed it for October 5th but she needs to change a few things before she can be baptized. So while we have new ones, which is great, it can be a little frustrating when they don't go to church, especially when they say they're planning and the night before they say they're looking forward to it.

We had a zone class this week.  I got to see Hna. Orr. The first thing she asked me is when we're having a cheese party after we get back, and I`m just said...we've got a year to figure this out.
I´ll be back from my mission in less than a year. How weird is that?
I feel like this letter is short, but I must go and preach the gospel. So I hope you're all doing fine and dandy.

Les Quiero!

Hermana Jones

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