Monday, July 28, 2014

Mission Life.....


We haven't heard from P. at all. When we call her she doesn't answer, and when we pass by her house she either isn't there, or she isn't answering. I wonder if that's what happened with the first set of missionaries that had her.

We have new people we're teaching. S and K. Elder Boyd told us about them. He has a few family members that have been baptized in the church. He's talked with missionaries before and has all the pamphlets. I'm a little confused in that area. Like... they've been going to church in S's mom's ward or something like that. S told us we're the first hermanas to teach them. He also loves The Word of Wisdom. Their living room is this salon for health drinks and stuff like that. The thing that's holding them back is they aren't married. S's trying to go through a divorce right now, so when that´s done... they can get married and get baptized. They came to our ward on Sunday, and S said that he wants to keep coming back
It was Elder Moreyas's 20th birthday on Tuesday so we had cake. The Elders phoned us in the evening to come to a members house for more cake. Apparently it was a surprise party for Elder Moreya. We came late. The cake was really yummy, and apparently it was cheese cake. I don't like cheesecake... but this one was yummy. These members are the family Guerva. For some reason their house reminds me of Grandma Palmer's house. I don't know why...or how. But it just does. So that's another one of my tender mercies here. TanĂ­a (daughter) is facebook friends with Elder Moreya's family and they sent her a video message for him to hear. So that was really neat to watch.

We went to Cordoba this week on Friday. There was an EFY going on there and because of a win in Rock Paper Scissors, we were some of the missionaries that got to go, along with our Elders, The Escamela missionaries and the two sets of missionaries in Cordoba. On the bus there I was talking with Hna Kind and she told me she made homemade cookies with some members. She said they weren't perfect because they forgot the brown sugar and they were a little crispy... but that they were good. I am so jealous!!!! Cookies from the bakeries here are good, but there's NOTHING that beats homemade cookies. I really don't understand why the people here don't make them.

Our purpose here at this EFY was to answer the questions the youth had. Hna Garcia said to me 'I feel like a celebrity', which I thought was pretty funny.

There are a lot of jovencitas that want to serve missions. Our dear less active D. being one of them. Last Sunday we went over to her house to tell her about the EFY, and while we were there the YW president came over to tell her as well. She loved it and was just so animated. She told us she bore her testimony and she wants to start going to church more to try and set an example for her mom so someday she will make the decision to be baptized. She says to us 'Just get baptized for me when I die´' and we're just like 'F., that's not how it works. This is for people that didn't have the chance to hear the gospel when they were on the earth' F. also wants D. to wait to go on a mission until she gets a degree in something. D. is still in high school, so I hope that F. in time will let her go on one sooner.

Sorry... but I have no idea what else to write. My mind is blank. So... I hope all goes well at home for everybody.

Love you all,
Hermana Tessa Marie Jones

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