Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jeckyl and Hyde

                                                                           July 14, 2014

I swear, my letters are like Jeckyl & Hyde

So... we basically don't have anyone.

R...last week she told us that she was sooo busy with buying things for her little shop she wouldn't have time until the following week. We'd try and see if she had any time like 15 minutes... but no. J J doesn't want anything. So this week, we phoned her and she's like `'no hijas, I told you the following week. I´m so busy.' This was the week she said she was free. We´re going stop by her house tonight and if she doesn´t accept us, we´re sadly dropping her.

P and her daughter.... I have no idea what happened with them. So we had an appointment with them on Tuesday. We came a little earlier to their neighborhood to see if a member could come with us. When we walked by their house.... I swear I saw their door open. The member said she couldn't join us. So when we came back to their house, the door was closed with a sign that said 'Sorry, we had to leave, see you Sunday :)' So...we went to visit a convert. When we finished our visit at the converts house, and P's door was open, the note was gone. We just felt.... so betrayed. So we decided to pass by their house another day this week, they weren´t there. And then Saturday we decided to pass by. We stopped by the the H´s first (the recent converts) to see if they would come with us. Hna wasn´t there when we came so, no.' So when we leave there house we see P and her daughter walking down the street to their house. We wave to them and either they don´t see us or they ignore us. So we go up to them and greet them...ask them how they´re doing and all that. 'Oh, we´re so tired and hungry and we just want to rest' and stuff like that. We ask them if they´re going to come to church on Sunday and mention that it'll be special since we had ward conference on Sunday. They say of course they will come." 9am right?" Yeah... no estaba. So we´re gonna stop by this week for another chance.

And E? We had an appointment with her on Saturday morning. We were getting ready to leave the house and we get a text saying that she´s busy all day and she´s been thinking a lot and thinks that she'll stay in the church she was in from when she was little. We were sad. We had a plan to set her on a date for baptism and everything.

So... I´ve been doing a lot of thinking. Though I would love love love to see a baptism here, maybe my mission in Ojo de Agua of Orizaba is to plant seeds. I really truly believe that E will be a member some day. And I hope for P and her daughter as well. Hna Evelia said one time when we came to visit her that she had quite a few encounters with missionaries before she accepted them. I hope for them. Hope that one day they can see the happiness and hope this gospel brings.

So while that brings me down... I must think of the things that bring me up. Like Hna L, the one that´s less active because of her health. We like to visit her a lot because she´s all alone in her house. She´s 86 and has a hard time hearing so we basically have to shout to have her hear anything. And she loves feeding us...whether it be gross soup with intestines or pan dulce or toasted bread, what have you, because she appreciates our visits. Or gives things to us as gifts. I have two little tuppaware containers from her. So yesterday we were talking while Hna Garcia was in the washroom. About the family, how old we all are. And so she asks me 'Do you have a boyfriend at home?' Me `Nope´Hna Leanor 'Why not? You´re 20!' Haha... good sweet old Hna Leanor.

Oh Monday night... Karen Hernandez (daughter of Hna Cookies) got set apart to be a missionary...and right now she's in the CCM in Mexico City. We asked Hna Cookies if she´s heard from her yet... but has not. Hna Cookies appears to be doing well with the absence of Karen.

So I have a request. Can someone send me a Canadian Flag? A small tiny one is just fine. And a Canadian map. And a little tiny Canada pin, or something.

Wednesday we has a zone class, as it was the first week of the transfer. I love our zone leaders. They talked about using the atonement in our mission. And showed this video with spoken words of Henry B Eyring and Jeffrey R Holland. That when we ask why a mission is so hard... look at the example of Jesus Christ. His life was far, far from easy. He had people who hated him from before he was even born. He suffered for ALL the sins, hardships, and everything for every single person that was, is, and will be on the earth. I never will be able to comprehend His suffering, and to Him I will forever be grateful. That if His life was as hard as it was... why should we expect missionary work to be easy. And now I think of something from this past General Conference. I forget who said it, but they said Life wasn´t meant to be comfortable. If that's just life... how should we expect a mission to be comfortable. So I´m trying not to be discouraged, trying to doubt my doubts.

Another thing that I´ve been thinking about from zone class. At the beginning of a transfer, before the topics, all the missionaries go to the front to introduce themselves. On the board is who they are, age, time in the mission and some other randoms. This random was ... What you like to do in the mission. So for me... I really wasn´t sure. I couldn´t say I love seeing the changes in investigators cause they drop us before we can help them more. I haven´t had any baptisms, so I couldn´t say that. I said that I loved eating with the members ... which I do. And for some reason that made everybody laugh. So I´ve been thinking. There are some less actives I love to visit. I love seeing the recent converts and helping them to see the testimonies that they have.

Something I still don´t love is contacting. But I do it anyways, because we can´t find potencials without doing so. There are occasions where I really don´t mind it. Speaking of which, I contacted this girl named F last week,. She´s 17 and lives with her parents. So we went to her house the other day and her mom comes to the door and in a round about way says that she doesn´t want us teaching her daughter. She said F told her parents about us. I put her name in the area book for some future missionaries in the area, as I hope within time her mom will soften up and let her take the discussions.

Well, I hope everyone at home is doing well. I hope that this next week goes better, and I´m excited to meet President Cordova as he'll be coming to visit us this upcoming week.

Love you all,

Hermana Tessa Marie Jones

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