Monday, July 7, 2014


Okay.... so the big news.

I will be in el barrio Ojo de Agua in Orizaba 6 more weeks.

And Hna Garcia is going ..... nowhere. We get to be companions for another transfer, and we both get to see Elder Boyd die as a missionary and Elder Moreya graduate from being trained. 
We are really happy we get another transfer together. She was telling me multiple times this past week I don't want to leave, there's so much I want to do here. We were with Elder Boyd when he got the call and were listening to what we could ... So since I'm finished with my training, I{m a junior companion and she's the senior companion. And now we have an extra hour in the day to go out and teach.

So this week has been a good one. One that I've needed.

Tuesday's District Class: Elder Boyd chose to talk about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in teaching. So at the end of his lesson, he asked me and Hermana Kind to teach her companion/mother about The Book of Mormon. Elder Boyd was like ... I know you've never taught together before... but go ahead and teach. So we had a little lesson. It was good, we explained important things. But I would say it was just good. So after that, Elder Boyd asked us to come out to the hallway with him with our Book of Mormons. So...out of the chapel we went. He then told us to go into separate rooms, and with our Book of Mormon in hand, pray. Pray to get another confirmation that the Book of Mormon was true. I had a feeling of utter peace during my prayer ... peaceful peaceful peace. And I knew that was another confirmation to me, that the Book of Mormon is true. When we both exited our rooms, Elder Boyd told us to go and teach Hna Orta again. It was the same message, but it was different because we weren't just teaching based on our knowledge. We were teaching based on the Spirit.  

The other missionaries in the room could feel the difference as well, feel that Spirit. They didn't know what we went and did so after our lesson Elder Boyd asked what they thought we did. Answers like ... "yeah they went out and talked about it because communication between companions is important...." Which it is.Very Important. But then he told them that we didn't talk to each other at all. We prayed and had a communication with God.

When I was in the MTC, in devotionals, countless times, we were told that we shouldn't just be a companionship, but I tripanionship with the Holy Ghost being our third companion. During training the past week, we relearned to remember to have the Holy Ghost be a part of our lesson... because without him a lesson isn't gonna go anywhere. And... I learned something for myself. I know we should listen to the the investigator when they're speaking so we can help them out ... but it is CRUCIAL to also listen to the Holy Ghost. Which also means...quit thinking about what you're gonna say when your companion is speaking, which I have had a bad habit of.  It's a little harder when its a different language. But as I have been striving to do that... I noticed a big difference.

Hno N is a member in the ward. He's this vijito and we love him. He's also a recent ward missionary, so we went out with him on Thursday for some help. He wanted to go knocking on doors...something we've never done as it can be a little dangerous...we street contact.  But this hermano was determined. He also picked a street that was very Catholic. There was this one door, this lady answered and said she needed God in her life and she had no time but to come back Saturday. 

So Saturday came, and Saturday was a rainy day. But rain or shine, we work. She is a lovely person. She's at home with her baby but doing school part time while her husband is at work all day. She told us that she didn't think we would be coming as it was raining... and she was in her room praying saying that she needed something more in her life.... during the rain ... when we knocked on her door for her lesson. Her name is E, and we had a lovely little lesson with me not worrying about what I was gonna say. We gave her a book of Mormon and before we asked her about praying or anything she said that she planned to pray about it after she read it in night. She is prepared!

Friday night we went to go search for a former investigator named P. From the end of 2011. Well, when we knocked she let us in easily. She told us that she has a brother in the States who is a convert and she's noticed a big change in his life. Also there was her 15 year old daughter, and I forget exactly what her name is right now. So.. after our lesson we asked if they had any questions. No... P was feeling quite content about everything- And when we invited them to come to church they were like Yeah...we'll go! Animated about it.

It was Testimony Meeting. Both Hna Garcia and I decided to go up, as we weren't sure who was leaving, and we decided to wear my matching dresses and get all prettied up. P left the room after a little bit and whem we went to to see her, she told us she felt this feeling she had never felt before...that it was a feeling of this great peace. We told her it was the Holy Ghost, and she could continue feeling those feelings and receive the blessings that were shared in testimonies if she continued learning with us and coming to church. Her daughter loved Sunday School and Young Womens, and P enjoyed Gospel Principles and Relief Society with us. I LOVE THEM!!! They too, are so prepared. Because of that... I know we have to work hard. We're gonna do it.

Don't have much time to write, but I want to tell about C and D. They're less active and they are wonderful people. C told us last week that he was gonna come to church this week. D too. There were people in the ward that were so happy to see them! C told us later that day that he hadn't been to church in a year. We asked him how he felt about going again and he said to us "in all honesty... I felt good."

Hna Garcia and I are excited about this next cambio together. We already have some plans to help out the ward in general and I'm excited to see them fill out.

With Love,

Hermana Jones

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