Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tender Mercies

July 21, 2014

This week.  

We found R. this week in her little shop, and she told us to come back in the evening for a lesson. It was our last lesson with her, but it was such a spiritual experience. We had a lesson on faith and read quite a few passages from the Book of Mormon. She would go a few times and read a few more passages out loud that she really liked. She told us she knows our message is true, but she just can´t accept it right now because her husband and her kids don´t want it. She told us that she feels tranquila when we come around, and we let her know it was the Holy Ghost. So...she´s not a member right now, but I know that some day in the future she will be. She´s so prepared, it´s sad to see that her fears of her family are larger than her fear of God right now.

So...P and her daughter. We found P. on Wednesday and we finished the first vision with her. And we invited her to be baptized if she gets an answer, which she accepted. Her date fell since she wasn´t at church on Sunday, but I hope we can get one back up. Her daughter was upstairs sleeping during that lesson. I wasn´t there at the lesson on Friday because of divisions, but apparently A. (daughter) doesn´t think the church is for her, so some prayers her way would be nice. We´re going to  try working with the youth to help her out. And P. is still confused and looking for an answer. Prayers for her too, pretty please!!!

Tuesdays district class... Elder Boyd phoned us in the morning before personal study and asked us what our goals are this transfer, and to study that for personal study and talk about it for 5 to 10 minutes in class. It was a neat experience.  Hna Kind, who was last, didn't have a whole lot of time. But what she did share really touched me. When we were walking to our meal, Hna Garcia said to me 'I love Elder Boyd's district classes!' Me too.

I saw Hna DeFriez!!!! On Wednesday Orizaba and Cordoba had a joint conference to meet the president and she got transferred to Orizaba. was such a nice surprise. We talked 75-80% Spanish with each other- Spanish is becoming a better part of me... but I still have LOTS to learn.

Friday... divisiones. I got to work with Hna De Orbe in Orizaba, so I got to see some more of its beauty. There was one part f the day. We were sitting on the grass for a few minutes and she said to me ´lets each say a prayer in our hearts with the power to do some good contacting´' contact was this old grandma. And for some reason, I had the impression to contact about trials. So after my little blurb, she says to us. 'I know I´m sick. I go to the doctors and they say there is nothing wrong with me...but I know there´s something´' She also told us she has asthma. And after... that´s why. I knew that was why I had the impression to talk about trials, as she´s facing a bunch right now.

Another contact we had...she just happens to be friends with the ward mission leader in the Orizaba ward.

Sunday we got to eat at a birthday party for a member´s sister and sister in law. Hna Mari. She has the cutest little niece and nephew. Her niece was having lots of fun playing with my headband...placing it on me in weird places on my head. My glasses too. I have tender little mercies here...some which I want to share later., as these little tykes are here when I don´t have the little cousins to play with.

This letter is short, time passed by fast.

Love you all!

Hermana Jones

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