Monday, August 4, 2014

How to be a Good Companion

Hi Everyone,

It was a better week for me. No, we didn't get a bunch more investigators or commit anyone to baptism. But I learned a lot.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I love and appreciate the priesthood and for those who are worthy to hold it. My companion and I both got blessings from Hermano Hernandez Tuesday morning after a little earth tremble. It was the first one that Hna Garcia ever experienced and she was pretty freaked out. So Hermana and Hermano Hernandez phoned us to see how we were, and came over to our house and Hermano Hernandez offered to give us blessings. I wasn't going to refuse. In this mission I´ve learned and experienced even more how powerful the priesthood is. Things that were said in the blessing were things I really needed to hear as I've been a bit discouraged lately. The Lord really truly is mindful of us.

And this week alone I've learned a little more about how missions really are inspired. We're not just here to inspire those that aren't members, those in the ward, and those less active. But we as missionaries are here from each other too. I received a letter from Hermana Kind on Tuesday and I want to share something she wrote me.  'This mission is just as much for you as it is for the people you teach. You have the area, experience, companion, ward, district, zone, etc. for a reason. Maybe we won't see for a while or maybe tomorrow we will, but the point is that God has a plan. And just as it is for Hermana Jones. People she needs to meet, experiences that will grow her faith and testimony, an area or companion she needs to love.' She also included in her letter that I've helped her in ways she can't describe in English or Spanish. So...I am helping people. Sometimes I don't see it, but I am.

So tonight we have an appointment with this guy and we're not sure what to think. A member really wants him to learn, and he's really methological and confused about a lot of things because he reads according to the wisdom of man, not God. Hermana Garcia was saying yesterday that she wanted to talk to Elder Rodriguez (one of our zone leaders), who really does help us understand things better whether in zone classes or district classes. Last night, he phoned us. He told us that he was reading in his Preach My Gospel and he got the impression he needed to call us and share what he learned. 
Zone leaders are inspired for their zone, district leaders for their district, sister training leaders for the sisters in their area. They KNOW when we need their help. I've had plenty of help from all of them this week. And of course, my mission president. So missions are inspired. They're all inspired by God.

Wednesday we went to the Stake Centre in the central of Orizaba for our every 3 month interview with the president. The STL's were there, though they were done their interviews. So after Hermana Garcia went out with Hermana Zarate for a bit, Hermana Zarate asked if she could borrow me. So keep in mind that I was still struggling with inner struggles here. She said to me 'I know you're not happy right now. I can feel it.'  And we talked for a bit, I told her my concerns, and how I was feeling. And she gave me some words of council, and some words of advice. And shortly after we came back, it was my turn for my interview with Presidente Cordova. He said that he's proud that me, the only Canadian, is here on this mission. He's been our president for only a month now but I could already feel his love for us as missionaries. When I asked him how I can be a better companion, he said this to me. 'Love. That doesn't mean just giving your companion a hug. It means caring for her and worrying about her.'

So we're late, but Thursday is when we really started talking to each other as people rather than just missionaries. People as Tessa and Alma. And with that, we feel our companionship is a lot stronger. It's sad to think of all the time we've lost in the mission. But I have so much more love for my companion now. 

On Friday, I decided to put my bug spray on for once. Hermana Garcia loved the smell of my organic bubble & bee spray so I let her put some on too. I told her a week before that I'm a hippie, because of my shampoo bar and the organic things I have and stuff at home. So we were in a taxi to one of the neighborhoods we were to visit. The taxi driver said to us "Are you two wearing perfume? because whatever it is, it smells good." Hermana Garcia told him "'s organic bug spray. We're hippies." And I'm just like 'but we're not just hippies, we're also missionaries.' so we had a little lesson with him as he drove us where we needed to go.

That night...we ordered ourselves a pizza. Well...Elder Boyd did for us and we paid him back. So while we were eating our pizza on my bed Hermana Garcia says to me 'I've always wondered what it was like. Just eating some pizza and hanging out with your friends. Now I know.'  Hermana Garcia....she hasn't had the best luck with people back at her home. Hermana Garcia and I aren't just companions, but now we're friends too. And these past few days I've enjoyed learning more about her life, her dreams, and her epiphany of why she is on the mission, why she's experienced the things she has in her life.  What she hopes for.

On Saturday, the four of us missionaries got to eat together at the house of Hermana L. As her house is a little farther than others in our area and when it's like that, we can eat together. Part of the walk there after the bus, was among fields of sugar canes with the mountains in the distance. Beautiful. To me, it was a special experience.  After  the meal and Elder Boyd sharing an experience, he told her we would all sing O My Father. It's one of my favoruite hymns, and after we finished the Spirit was so strong. Hermana L also asked if she could get a blessing. Elder Moreya gave it and it was such a beautiful blessing.

Yesterday we all ate at the Stake President's house for dinner. There we had spaghetti and meat sauce...which is the first time I have had spaghetti like that in the mission so it tasted heavenly. We found out that he served his mission in Veracruz, and at the time when men were serving for 18 months.   His wife is a wonderful piano player. 

Elder Boyd wants for us all to sing a musical number his (and most likely my last Sunday in the area). O My Father, in the tune of Come Thou Fount. In the middle of it we'll be singing a verse of Come Thou Fount. And at first Elder Boyd wanted all of us to sing an English verse...but we're taking pity on the companions of ours that don't know English. So essentially, for one verse, I'll be singing a duet. Never would I have imagined before the mission. But here, where we sing a lot ... you get more comfortable with our singing voice. Our practice went well, so I look forward to when we can sing it infront of the congregation.

It's another week of more learning. I'm studying lesson 2 of PMG this week for those that want to follow along.

Take care
I love you all.

Hermana Tessa Marie Jones

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