Monday, August 25, 2014

Surprise transfer

Hello Todos!

So... I'm writing from the city of Orizaba. I promise I'm not joking. I was in Veracruz with my two companions, Hermana Korzenowski and Hermana Jarquin.  Sometimes there are special transfers, and this one involved me. We were walking to our comida when the President's assistant called me and told me "Disculpe" (I'm not sure the best word to translate that into English)" but you are going to Oriziba tomorrow and you're going to be companions with Hna Jensen.'  For some reason...I wasn't entirely shocked. I had a feeling I would stay in Orizaba this transfer.  I'm in a totally different part, a lot more into the valley of the mountains,so it's a lot cooler here than where I was. It's called Nogales.  I'm in the same district as Hna DeFriez. And Hna Orr  is in the zone. So...I´m in the Zone of Orizaba. Or Orizaba Zone...but it sounds weird to say it like that cause it´s backwards in Spanish.

Monday Night...I did a round of goodbyes. I wasn't able to see everyone I wanted as they didn't all live in the same area, but it was a night of goodbyes , and with them, I could tell that I was able to make some kind of impact in the lives of these people.  If people are going to miss you, it means you did something right. Something I found endearing... We were at one members house, and she said  to me 'keep safe'. Why did i find it endearing? As  missionaries, we use usted (formal you) for everyone and people say that to us. She said 'cuidate' informal,  not `'cuidase'. Cuidate is something you would use for your friends or your kids'. So...that felt good..

 When I arrived in Veracruz, I was able to see Hna Orr, Furner, and Fletcher at the big bus station.  Hna Fletcher is training now. Hna Furner is out in the Tuxtlas. They're all doing well.
So...if I cant share everything, because I want to write a lot, I want to share one experience from Veracruz. Hna Korzenowski left her bank card for the mission at the bank machine on Monday. She didn´t realize it until Wednesday, so she phoned the assistant incharge of money and he was going to put her money into my account.  Thursday  when were walking to comida,  this young man came up and asks hna Korzenowski 'is your name (her actual name)´ Hna k 'yes, but in this time i'm hna korzenowski`  He then said,  "I  have your bank card.  I  found you on facebook and sent you a message but got no response.  So here`s your card`  Hna K was saying that they are almost never on this road, and this man...he didn't even live in the area. His work was around there for the day. Coinidence? No. Another solid evidence that God exists and cares about us.

So...apparently this area is really big as well. I hope I`'ll be able to know it well,and better than when I had to lead the area of Ojo in surprise. Hna Jensen is awesome. She's already told me a bunch about her friends and some of her life.  She's been a little stressed lately about some things from before I came. Saturday morning the STL's made a random visit to see what we need.  We found that  a little odd at first, as now it's Hna Zarate and Hna Terry, and Hna Terry was just recently companions with Hna Jensen, so she knew what the house needed.  Hna Jensen was still a bit stressed that morning and the STLs could tell. So Hna Zarate said ´'do you want to do some divisions today?`'  We decided we would. The STL's went to make a quick visit to some other hnas before we did divisions for the day. Hna Jensen went with Hna Zarate to their area and I was working with Hna Terry.  They just started English classes, and they`re on Saturdays.   Hna Terry and I taught our student how to sing  "I am a Child of God  in English. The day with her was really cool. She's an awesome hermana. But why did they visit us if Hna Terry was just at the house?  The STL's were waiting for a bus to take them to the hna`s that lived a little bit farther than us. But...the bus just wasn't coming so they decided they would take a bus to our area and connect with another bus that would take them to the other hna's area.  They thought to drop us a visit on the way.  Hna Jensen told me that today what Hna Zarate told her. Why didn't the bus come in the time they were waiting for it? Who knows...but what I do know...  they needed to visit us. They needed to help Hna Jensen with her needs that I wasn't able to help her with in that moment.

Hna Jensen is awesome. She's from Utah. In a small little town behind a mountain  that's by Lake Utah...or something like that. We've already established that I'm coming to visit her when I´m done and watch all these musicals that I've never seen. Well...I was already making a plan to visit Utah with almost all my of MTC district that lives there.  She was in musical theatre in High School.  She also has an amazing singing voice.
Hna Jensen just told me that she got an email from her mom asking for Hna Jensen to serve on jury duty.  She's s a little too far from Utah to do that,.

Time is up!
And I love you all!
Love the gospel!

Hna Jones

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