Monday, January 19, 2015

Special Cambio in our district

Hey All,

Well, to be honest, I'm a little sad today. Our little mission family here in 1 de Mayo will be a little broken.

Yesterday after church it was our turn to eat at Nefi's house. Elder Dial called us and asked us when we were going to meet again to discuss the Luau.  We told them to come to Nefi's house when they were done eating. When they arrived, Elder Dial was not looking as animated as he usually is and he said he had some news. That there's special cambios and he was getting sent away to a different area and assigned as a zone leader. I said 2 or 3 times .... ´´you´re lying, right?´´´
He doesn´t want to leave, and none of us want him to leave either. He thought he would end his mission here, have one more transfer with Elder Gonzales and the last two transfers he would train again.

So...after everyone in the house heard the news, he went to pass all the info of the week to the zone leaders. In the meantime, the rest of us were in the living room, all in shock, some crying, and Aunt Shelina (Nefi and Giselle's aunt) talking to Elder Gonzales trying to comfort him, because Elder Dial has been a great companion to him.

We all know it's a good thing, but it's hard to accept it. In my last area, sometimes I would get so frusterated because I felt like my leaders didn't always take me seriously . But here, my companion and I have felt and knew that our district leader trusted our work. If we thought something wasn't just or when we felt pressure from others, he told us he would talk with our other leaders.

So with that...we all will say a 'see you later´' to our district leader and friend tonight at an FHE that we're going to have. We will meet our new district leader Tuesday.

Come what may, and love it, right?


Well... we had some sweet things happen to us this week. I really loved our district class on Tuesday. Elder Dial was pretty happy in what we accomplished as a district the past week and each class we all discuss on how we can do better. This week we decided that we would do better in street contacting and Elder Dial assigned for all of us to do better in a Christ like attribute,. And for practices... going out and contacting. We have classes in the stake center, so it's not our area, but for addresses we would get we would give them to the hermanas in this area. We went out and picked this one random street to do some contacting. The first contact we made.... they happened to live in our area.

So the other day we went to visit these people. The wife was only there that time and she told us that usualy she doesn't pay attention to people on the street wanting to spread their knowledge about something. She said that something about us called her attention.

We´re now teaching a family that has been taught by the missionaries before and they know everything really well. The reason they haven´t been baptized is the mom is separated from her first husband and they´re not divorced so she can´t marry the husband she´s living with right now. but she found him after the missionaries taught this family .,.. and it´s really expensive. This exhusband says they can get divorced but she has to pay it all. and it´s 8000 pesos. They want to get baptized so badly and be an eternal family...especially because one of their son´s has died.

We are also teaching a guy that has been inactive for 10 or so years. We found him because we contacted his mom (and she wants my companion to marry him...jaja) and she´s said... my son is a member and he hasn´t been to church in a long time. But her....well she says she won´t go to church with us because she doesn´t like set times to do things and with that...she likes to make her own schedule.

We´ve been learning how to make a little more Mexican food!

Giselle and her best friend Anita (who is reactivating) have been  helping us a lot with coming out to teach with us (despite the fact that they don´t plan on serving missions).

Javier is a missionary now! He got set apart last night.

I love the gospel and helping bringing people to this joy.

Hermana Jones


Savannah I recieved your letter last week!

No explanation for this one.... Any ideas Dial's?     

Tikis with Fer, one of the Bishop's daughters    

Tessa: "I love these people"              

Learning to make empanada
Y Nora...receibí su carta y gracias por la escritura!  La extraño!

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