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January 5, 2015 "Happy New Year"

Hi Everyone

Today is my cumple-mes. I now have 10 months in the mission. So then it's also a cumple-mes of Brenten and my friend Elder Arnold. We celebrated it well. We played volleyball! In other terms... my companion, missionaries and a few youth&YSA played volleyball and I attempted to play it. We also had a piñata. I'm pretty sure that here in Mexico we can get away with any excuse of having a piñata.

Happy New Years! So...the night wasn't as crazy as Christmas Eve, and my companion and I were able to sleep. So we were happy about that. We had a little FHE at Nefi's house the night before where we talked about goals and the things that we wanted to complete in the year.´s one of the goals I will make public.

Two emails ago,  I said that  I had no idea what to do with my life when I returned. But now I of a week ago. I want to return to school and study to be an ESL teacher. I never thought before in my life that I would want to be a teacher. But I want to help people who have been in my shoes. To go to a different country, land, culture, and having trouble to express themselves the way they want to. To help these people feel better, learn, and feel comfortable  where they are. To remind them that they are still someone important.

The new year.... Hna Jarquin and I started the new year by going to the doctors. Nothing serious, but we're both a little sick, Like...we just have a seasonal cold. know in the mission they want us to check in with the doctors when we're sick.

Cristian and his kids are awesome, but the other day when we were asking if they'd continue to follow the commandments to be baptized, Cristian said his kids would get baptized.  We asked about himself he said later.  We're not sure exactly what happened .... but, we hope he can get baptized with his kids this month!!!

There is someone named Paquito in our ward. Yesterday Hna Jarquin and I asked when we could come visit him. He said to us that instead of us visiting him he wanted to go out on some lessons with us, so we decided for a few hours on Wednesday.  He said it was better than going out on a date to the movies. Haha.

So with my cold, ,my throat hurts a bit. The mission doctor ordered me to stay in the house for a few days. So for us to still work, we did divisions. I stayed with Hna Margarita Saturday while Hna Jarquin went out to work with Nefi's sister.  I slept a lot...but for the hours I was awake it was really nice.  I got to know Hna Margarita a little more and look at old photo albums. She also gave me this sweet scarf she made.  I was going to stay with her again Sunday afternoon but with the time we got to Nefi's house to pick up his sister it was a litte late. So I stayed at Nefi{s house with his aunts. Later in the night when we were back at the house, Hna Jarquin told me they visited Hna Margarita for a little bit and she asked them,what happened because she was waiting for me to come and stay at her house for a bit. She's super sweet and one of our mothers here in the ward.

Also, yesterday Hna Jarquin told me she's felt more of a friendship with the members here in this transfer that we've had so far. Her first two transfer here were pretty rough, so I'm happy to see that she sees a change and that she's happier. I feel blessed to be companiones with her. We've only had 3 weeks together and we're already really good friends.

take care everyone.

First Sunday of 2015

Tessa loves this dog, even though he tries to eat her shoes

I have no idea....this picture came with no explanation whatsoever

In Tessa's words...Elder Dial's "food baby"
Hermana Jones

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