Monday, January 12, 2015

Cold in Veracruz


So...because I came to the would think I would have escaped the cold. But no! We have some cold days here too when I need to wear a sweater. Luckily today was a nice day. But apparently there's snow in Orizaba right now, and a member toild us that it's going to go down to 0 here. Crazy things! Sometimes I am freezing in the night! We don't have blankets in my house, so  I washed my Christmas jammies because they keep me warm and toasty.

This morning we helped Giselle with her homework. She had us running and jumping, lunging, situps.... she gave us a workout! And had Nefi film it for some video she needs.

Right now, we're planning a ward mission activity. A Luau....and we´ve got lots to do. But we are seeing  all who can help us. We´ve got the YW assigned to do a dance. We´re making leis, grass skirts...trying to have it be super cool. It's going to be on the 24th of January.´s come to my attention that Brother and Sister Dial are reading my blog. Hello! It was fun talking to you for 30 seconds on Christmas.

Here in Mexico, they celebrate something called Día de los Magos on January 6th. They are the Santa Clause here. Also...they eat this bread this day called Rosca de Reyes. It´s super sweet and tasty. The bishop´s daughter invited us over to try it, and who also came were YSA.  We didn't stay very long so they could enjoy their evening.

There´s this inactive youth in the ward. He got baptized 14 months ago, and after his baptism and confirmation, he never came back to church. The other night, we ran into him and his sister in the street. We invited him to come to church with us, and said we would pass by half an hour early. That was Wednesday night. So Sunday morning we come by and his sisters say he doesn´t want to come. But he was dressed up in his white shirt and his black pants. And...he came to church with us. He also recieved the priesthood. It made me really happy to have him come and now there is a priesthood holder in his house. He's the one youth who's in the photo with me and his mom.The other photo is with his sisters.

Someone else recieved the priesthood yesterday. Julio... Margarita´s son. Margarita came to hear the ordination and the bishop let us come listen to it as well. Margarita was super touched to hear the blessing, and it said wonderful things. Part of it talked how one day he would be out on the mission field. So Margarita also has a priesthood holder in her house now!

I'm not sure if I've said it in my general letters or not, but being on the mission I´m come to respect the priesthood on a whole new level. Hna Jarquin and I live just ourselves in our house. We don´t live with a dad or uncle or brother who has the priesthood. There´s been times in the mission where I felt super discouraged, or was sick and needed to ask the Elders or a Brother in the church to give me a blessing,and they've really helped me.

Well, other than another scraped knee. Or two scraped knees- I´m a klutz and trip every transfer).... here's a little bit of the things that have been happening this week.


Workout by Giselle-photo above and below      

Elders with attitude
Hermana Jones

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