Monday, January 26, 2015

Mocambo happenings

Hi Everyone,

So...Elder Acevedo is our new district leader, and he's not so bad. You all could probably tell that I had a little fear about who would come. But so far, so good. He came from Cordoba. We also have a new zone leader, Elder Sayer. I find it a little hilariuous that Elder Sayer is here now, because we always end up in the same zone. When I started the mission, he was in Cordoba, when I was in Mocambo the first time for three days, he was in that zone.  We both had special transfers to Orizaba.   Now he got a special transfer into Mocambo. And the zone leaders are in our district. What's up with that? Haha.

Oh, Mom. The other day I was looking through my dearelders from the MTC and in one of them you found an Elder named Elder Larsen. Well I've met him. He's in the mission office and I told him that you found his blog. He found it quite funny.He also ends his mission the same time as me. Today when we were in the offices, there were some Elder's there that had a morning run to the offices and Elder Benett ( the one that was in my zone when I started) said ´ were born in Cordoba!' and I said 'yeah!' and his companion...a newbie of 5 months asks me ´'you're from utah. right?´´ me ´´nope´´ Elder Benett ´´Canada!´´ ´´yeah!´´ It still makes me proud I'm the only Canadian missionary here.

We've been continuing in prepping for the Luau. It's a lot of work! There's not an activities comittee so the work falls on us, the Elders, Nefi, Giselle, and Fer. Hna Jarquin and I have been running around  collecting pinapples from the hermanas,  searching for cardboard boxes to the point of bringing them folded up on the bus with us. When we told Nefi of this he asked us if it embarrassed us. If we were at home, yes it would ... but here as missionaries, not a bit. It was going to be for this Saturday but we changed it for next Friday because the weather was awful Saturday and we were super stressed out. My companion and I couldn't sleep for awhile Friday night.

C, F and D.... We love them...we had a baptism interview for them this past week as they were supposed to get baptised this Sunday. Well....F. and D. But D. has to wait for Feb 8. F. wants to get baptized right now, and we asked C. if he could talk with his kids to see what they wanted and if F. can get baptized this next Sunday. We have transfers (normal transfers) the Tuesday after and even though Hna Jarquin and I don't want it, we feel like she'll be leaving the area. Prayers for this family please!

We're going be moving soon! We've been looking for a different house to live in since I got here, and we finally have one! It's a house that a member used to live in it, and we hope to move into it this week.

This next week is going to be super crazy. We've still got stuff to do with the Luau,and also the moving we'll be doing. With the craziness, we have plans on working with the members so that we can do divisions. The days we're preparing the us is working with a member while the other is out working,  Please...leave me out of planning parties for a long time. It is exhausting,

I feel like this letter is a little short, but I'm sure it'll be longer with my photo and subtitles.

Next week you'll hear the news of what's going to happen with the transfers.


Making a salad with  my companion   

My skirt makes a dress for my companion  

Tessa couldn't really explain what this was....
Hermana Jones

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