Monday, May 5, 2014



Hard week. But here´s something Hna O tells me every day. Disfrutan. Which translates to enjoy it. There are always difficulties. Everywhere. But enjoy it because on a mission, the closest on earth I´ll be with the Savior. The best 18 months of my life. The hardest 18 months of my life. That this mission is preparing me for the rest of my life. So I need to remember that. I need to enjoy every moment.

Yesterday was probably the hardest for me. I woke up and decided to check up on my money. I was already in a bad mood when I woke up because of the stress of this past week. But then I went to check on my money, and for some reason a large portion of it went missing. Don´t know how or when it happened, but it did. It was Fast Sunday yesterday, which meant testomonies. I wasn´t in the mood to go up and bear mine. So in my notebook, I decided to write mine down for the day. Which was basically about the Atonement. That Jesus Christ is here for me and has felt every emotion I´ve felt. Abi, a member who was sitting beside me and wrote "don´t worry. be happy. I love you."  Little notes like that. Kind little gestures. I don´t know if people realize how much they mean to me. The letters that people wrote me before I left and while on the mission. The best. Thank you.

Monday night, we ran into a street contact again. On the street. So we had a lesson on the street. I mainly listened because I didn´t understand everything. His mom died when he was younger and his father drinks...I´m guessing with the saddness that came with that. He´s 19 and he doesn´t know how to read. We want to teach him. We tried to find him at his house with Abi on Friday, but he wasn´t there. So we hope to find him again soon.

Wednesday we had divisions with the STLs (sister training leaders). I was talking the day before with Hna. Ledek, who is a transfer before me, and she was saying that the newbie would go to the STL's area. Guess what ... I stayed in my area. When I found out, I was freaking out. I still don´t know my area that well. Hna O planned the day with me.  Mainly we would go to references and street contacts. It was a good day, I learned a lot. When we all got together at the end of the day to discuss what we learned... they had some wise words.

Thursday or Friday...I forget. But we went to contact a reference who was not at home.  So when we were walking up the street to find another reference, there was this man who yelled out "Hello Hermanas!"  We went to talk to him and see if he was a member. He´s not. But he agreed to be taught again and even referred us to his daughter who lives 3 doors down from him. So I have hopes for him. 

Friday we bussed out to Tuxtlaplan. I probably didn´t spell that  right. It was one of the most beautiful places I´ve seen in this area. I didn´t bring my camera that day. I think you should all google it.

These past few days have been cold. Probably around 10-15 degrees.  I even wore my coat the other day, so I´m happy I brought it.

I´d appreciate some prayers. Getting to know members and who they are is be hard for me in English, names usually fly over my head. But in a different language...yeah... And the area.

I remember Maryn told me to take in the little things on my mission. The sights and sounds and smells. One of my favourite times is in the morning when we exercise because I hear the birds singing and it's like I´m in a rain forest.

Time is up. I must go.

Les Quiero,

Hermana Jones

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