Monday, May 26, 2014

One Transfer Down!

Mis Amigos y familia,

 I have survived one transfer, and the next transfer I can tell is going to be really different.

Other than an Elder in our zone going home, all the transfers are in this single district. Hermana Zarate is going to be an sister training leader in Orizaba and Hermana Ledek is going to Tuxtapec. So There are going to be Hermanas whitewashing Escamela ward. Elder Lopez is going to the port [VERACRUZ] and I will get a new little brother (Elder Boyd is training). And one of our zone leaders is also getting transferred.

AND...... I am getting a new mom. The uncommon things always seem to happen with me on my mission. Hermana Orduña is going to the port and she will finish Hermana Orr's training. Hermana. Orr´s mom is coming here to finish training me. As transfers are tomorrow and all the Hermana´s nearby are going be at the port, I´m going to Cordoba tomorrow to teach with some Hermana´s there. I also get to wake up nice and early. 4am, but hey I´ve gotten up earlier before.

This letter will be shorter because Hermana and I have to make a whole bunch of short visits to members of the ward tonight, and then our district is going for supper at the stake president´s house.

This transfer will be a little bit of a challenge because I´m in charge of the area now, and introducing Hermana Garcia to the members. I still don´t know them all yet. So I could use some prayers for that. Hermana Orduña asked how I was feeling today after the news last night ... for some weird reason I´m feeling pretty calm.  Hermana Orduña says Hernana Garcia will be good for me. 

Elder Boyd is feeling pretty confident about this transfer. It´s his last area and he´s said this has been the hardest area he´s been in. But he feels that we´re gonna get some baptisms next transfer.
Speaking of which... we had to drop our date. V is really hard to find and if investigators don´t come to church for two weeks, we have to drop them.

More members have told me that I´m speaking a lot more, and there are a few words that I´ve picked up this week.

This week I:

was part of a lesson where I felt the Spirit so was SOO nice, you have no idea. At the MTC you are always feeling the Spirit, so it was really nice.

went to a birthday party of a member in the ward in´s gorgeous there. Really, it was the family and us missionaries. And their cute little puppies.

had sushi. It was tasty.

Hermana Sarai gave us a big thing of Chilatoles. We had them at her house twice this week too. A pity that Hernana Orduña can´t have a whole lot more, because we have lots to eat. And they´re not made at the port.

I don´t have my planner with me, so it´s a little hard to remember all that we´ve done.

I had a nightmare the other night. I came home from my mission and I couldn´t remember a thing and I was really unhappy. I was SOOO glad when I woke up. I was telling Hermana Orduña and she said to me "... Well do you pray for good dreams at night?" and I realized I never did. All my dreams on the mission haven´t been very pleasant. So the next night when I said my prayers, I asked to either have a good dream, or no dream at all. I had a good dream, I was helping the people in my ward with something. And last night I had a good dream as well. I´m really grateful that Heavenly Father answers our prayers.

Yesterday when we took a taxi to comida, the driver had a pass along card on his dash. So we asked him who he received it from and he received it from some Hermana´s in another ward. He lives in our boundaries, so I hope I can find his house with the directions he gave us.

Yesterday at the end of Relief Society, Hermano Laulo came in to talk with the RS. Our food calendar for June was pretty empty, and he told the story in the Bible of how there was that one lady that didn´t have a lot of food but a man came and asked her for a meal. And afterwords, because of her faithful service, she was told that she would never hunger again. Well...our calendar got pretty full. So thanks to the families that feed the missionaries everywhere :).

Well, this upcoming transfer comes with responsibilities I didn´t think I would yet be in charge of. If Elder Boyd can do it after being out here in this area for 6 weeks, so can I.

Bring it.

Les Quiero Mucho!

Hermana Jones :)

Elder Boyd's #selfie
It is tradition to get your face smashed into cake on your birthday.

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