Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Have a Baptism Date!!!


First, I want to talk about yesterday because it was awesome. Not only because I got to talk with my family but because of some other things.

WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE!!!! On Sunday, after comida we went to go visit some less actives who haven´t been to church in a long time. Hno. C is a great man and knows that God is very important in his life. There was a lot more good stuff that he said, but when you´re trying to listen and interprate what is being said, that takes a lot of energy. So take my word for it :). One concern about coming back to church was that he didn´t really have church clothes, so Hna shared with him that scripture in Samuel...that God doesn´t care about your outward appearence, he cares about what is in your heart. Which is a lovely message for all of us. As long as we have that desire to follow God, that´s all what he needs.

After our visit with them, V was walking up the street (the guy we had a lesson on the street with the other week). Hna had to talk on the phone for a bit so as we were walking to Abi´s house so I could skype, I talked with him of what I could with my limited Spanish. My Spanish is growing! Little by little. I understand what people mean when the say mandé.
V. When we got to Abi´s, Hna told him to wait a moment. So after I was set up with Skype. Hna and Abi went out to teach him one of the lessons. After skype, after Abi´s, when we were going home in the taxi, Hna told me ¨Tenemos una fecha!¨ I am so excited!!! I don´t even care I wasn´t there for the invitation.

Last Tuesday during our zone conference, Presidente was conducting interviews. It was his last one since he is getting switched soon. He is a good man! And I know the next one will be excellent as well. He really cares about his missionaries. At the end of my interview with him, instead of a closing prayer he asked if he could give a blessing, as it was his last interview with his missionaries. I understood parts here and there. But though I couldn´t understand everything, I could feel love. Love from him and love from my Father in Heaven.

Wednesday. We got up at 4:30-5:00 that day. We had a hermana conference to get ready for in Veracruz! It´s 3 hours away so we had a bus to take at 6:30. It was so good! It was wonderful to see the Hna´s from my district as well as Hna Blankmeyer! (Family, you know some already). They are all serving in zones in Veracruz. Hna´s DeFriez y Blankmeyer are even in the same district. When you spend 6 weeks all the time with Hna´s like them, they become your family. So it felt like an early Christmas present to see them again. They have been wondering where I´ve been all this time.
Hermana Fletcher told me that lately she´s experienced some Tender Mercies. One day, during a zone conference she was thinking how she was going to go through her mission without hearing a Josh Groban song (we´re only allowed to listen to MoTab and EFY songs), and during a presentation came a Josh Groban song (was it a different one because I never heard one at my zone conference). Also...if you remember, she´s one of the biggest Frozen fans I know. Frozen focuses on sisterhood, and one of the themes of the Hermana´s conference was sisterhood. We got to watch the clip with the song Do You Want To Build a Snowman.
Thursday I slept a lot [Tessa got sick]. In the afternoon both Thurs and Fri, we had divisions with the Escamela Hermanas so Hna could go out and do some work. Hna Zarate went with her and Hna Ledek stayed with me. I´ve been able to get to know her a lot better these past few days. She´s an only child, and she was saying that going out on a mission feels like she´s starting her own story. Since she was young she had the thought in her head to go on a mission. Both of her parents have served one.  Her saying that this was a start of her own story was really cool to hear.  She also loves The Fault In Our Stars and is sad that she will miss the release of the movie as well. She gets to see it 6 weeks earlier than me. It´s cool. On Friday night, for part of it we tried to play Spanish scrabble. It was a lot trickier than we thought, but we got a few new words from it.

It was so nice to go out and work again on Saturday! I was so happy! We did some service for Hna Sarai...who is one of our mothers in the ward, other than Hna Cookies. It was trying to make her gelatins look pretty by injecting colour in them...I was really bad at it so I looked for other ways to serve. We also went to Porterillo and got some street contacts for lessons tomorrow. I really hope they follow through. Hna got flowers from Hna. Cookies for mothers day because she´s my mission mother.

On Sunday morning, I could barely speak because my body thinks its fun to give me a cold. When we sang a song in church for the Relief Society in my ward and Sacrament Meeting for Escamela ward, I mouthed it all because it hurt to sing. There were three other voices with the Escamela Hermanas, plus the voice on the recording.

I look forward to working this next week, and building up my props I bought today to go with my lessons.

Les Quiero!

Hermana Jones

They love to see the temple.

Hermana Jones and Hermana Ledek


Hermanas in the Cordoba zone.

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