Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday Week!

Hola Everybody!

Thanks to those who sent me birthday messages. Mission rules are that I can only email my family, so that is why I don´t respond to individual emails. I love you all! As for those asking about Dear Elders, Elder Boyd said they only come every three months. I haven´t received any yet. Those that were sent to the MTC after I left will get to me too, just really late. So my recommendation is to send snail mail to the mission office: 

Sister Tessa Marie Jones 
Mexico Veracruz Mission 
Apartado Postal 103
91700 Veracruz, Veracruz

Apparently my Spanish is getting better. I don´t notice it as much myself, but Hna. Cookies was saying this morning that she´s noticed me speaking more. Well, I try to speak more.  This morning I made some goals. This week I want to work on my past tense. Pretty sure Cookies is not how it is spelled, but that´s what it sounds like. Her daughter is leaving on a mission in July to another part of Mexico. That family is so nice. They come to our house often at night to drop off some food. They say that their house is also our house.  Mi casa es su casa.

Being on a mission is hard. I remember in an email from Sister Bates she said that the hard times were worth it for the good times. I have had some good times this week. To help practice my Spanish, Hna. Orduña has me in charge of sharing the scriptures at meals.  There was one time I had no idea what scripture to share. Nada. We try to share according to the family's needs. I said a short prayer in my head of what to share. I shared D&C 4:5-6. It´s part of what we recite at zone conferences.  The member we were with is a less active. She said she was touched by it.

The other day we went for comida (food) at another lady's house. Her granddaughter was there. She´s 10 and she wants to serve a mission, she was asking all these questions about missions and what we do. She was really sweet. According to her needs, I shared D&C 18:10,15,16. She even wrote the reference down.

When we are on the streets, that´s how we do contacting, which means Hna Orduña is contacting. Because I don´t know if I can do it yet. A lot of people accept the invitation to be taught. But of the ones we´ve tried so far, we haven't had the best of luck. So I'm hoping that we can find them again and share a message.

Taylor´s Birthday was on the 23rd, and Camrie´s was also on the 26th. I know Chelsea and Ryan had their Edmonton reception that day as well. So I hope all celebrations were wonderful! I thought of you all. My birthday... well the night before when Elder Boyd was phoning to know how we did for the day, he wished me an early birthday wish. 
Hna Orduña said "That´s not allowed. She´s my daughter so I should be the first to wish her a happy birthday."  She sang to me first thing in the morning, and I opened my gifts. I loved them! Thank you! The Elders phoned and sang happy birthday, and the other Hna´s in our district. And Hna. Cookies made me a cake! The Elders came over to help us eat it.
Hermana Jones' birthday cake!

Happy 20th!

That day, we went over to a home of less actives. They were converts and didn´t go to church for too long after. Their daughter was home. She´s college aged. She told us she didn´t have a testimony of The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, the church. Hna Orduña shared 2 Nephi 3 with her. That chapter relates the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Read it.  After she shared that, Hna asked if I had something to share. Before I opened my mouth, I thought I was going to say something similar to what I told Hna Orduña that morning in practicing how to teach. I bore testimony of how the BoM and the Gospel has helped me and my family. But with this member, I shared how I knew with a surety myself that the Book of Mormon was true.  Guided by the spirit.

We have this one investigator. Hna Orduña said he was complicated but didn´t really expand on why. I found out yesterday. He invites us over to teach him, and yesterday was the word of wisdom. He was asking why we shouldn´t drink coffee. I did my best to explain why. And I thought of John 3:15. If ye love my keep my commandments. I asked him if he loves God. Here is where it is complicated. He doesn´t believe God is a person, but more of an essence. So.. from that we (mostly Hna Orduña since I cant say a whole lot in Spanish) asked him why he invites us over if he does not believe in a God that watches over him, a God that has commandments so we can strive to live the best lives to return to Him. What our purpose was for Him. If any of us want to progress, we need testimonies. We need to build on our testimonies. I shared my testimony, and once again how I gained a sure testimony of the Book of Mormon (I´ll save that story for another week). I gave him a commitment to pray. Pray with a sincere heart, if God was there, and he was here to help him. 

That goes with my challenge to you all. If you are not sure you have an exact testimony of something ... pray about it. God hears us all and he will answer you.

Les Quiero!!!

Hermana Jones
Hermana Jones' desk.  It's cute.

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