Monday, April 21, 2014

White Milk & Bucket Showers


I am in Mexico!

The flight there was a bit long. Our plane to Veracruz got delayed an hour, so we didn't arrive until about 12. President Treviño met us there with his assistants.

Fun fact. Which is also quite cool. I am the first Canadian President has had. And I'm the fourth generation of non-Latina hermanas. I don't really know what that means. But it's new, I guess.

Missions. From this first week already, they are hard. I remember just after I received my call I was talking with Jessie and Brandon  Tanner. Brandon was saying that there were some days where you just wanted to cry. It has already happened for me. But, I know it is all worth it. I don't know Spanish and I just want to share the gospel with everyone, but it's hard when I don't know everything that everyone is saying.  Anyone who has thought of a mission but have doubted yourself. Stop it. I say that to myself as well.   Stop doubting. I don't speak Spanish well. But let's remember the prophets like Moses and Joshua. They didn't think they were powerful enough to lead God's people. They had doubts. Even the greatest people have doubts. But God will provide a way. He will give you the gift of tongues, whether that be in a different language or your own language.

I will speak Spanish better. I just have to remember that it takes time.

So I missed a lot. First night, the Hermanas slept in a hotel 5 minutes away from the mission home. It was so hot and humid! I didn't sleep with a blanket that night. The next day we had meetings with the assistants and secretaries of the president, Hermana Treviño, and we met our trainers.

Mine is Hermana Orduña. She's from another place in Mexico, I forget where. She barely knows any English, so it can be a little difficult to communicate. But I know this is where I will learn lots. Hna. DeFriez said that when her dad had a Mexican companion (he served in Mexico), he learned more Spanish than with his previous companion who was from the USA.

I'm in the Cordoba Zone. It's inner Mexico so it's not as humid and apparently one of the coldest places in the mission. Perfect for me. Speaking of zone, we had a zone conference my second day. I barely understood a thing. Funny thing, in my zone is Elder Dial. I found his blog and looked through it a little bit after I received my call.

My District: My trainer and me, Elder Boyd who is from Idaho,  and Elder Lopez (who is a huge joker and trickster) ...I forget where he's from. And two other Hermanas. Hna. Ledek, from the US and Hermana Zarate from Bolivia. So it's nice to have two English speakers in my district.

We go to members houses for lunch and to share a scripture. They are all so nice and the food is all good. I don't always know everything that I eat, but most times I do. The grossest thing I've had is white milk. Yuck. Last house I shared a scripture. Mosiah 4:9. I encourage everyone to read it.

I don't know too many of the investigators yet. When we planned to visit them, it almost never happened. But we had some investigators that got baptized on Sunday-- that's the day we have baptisms. They are so sweet! They said that they felt so happy after their baptisms. 

I've also met some less actives. One house has dogs and they are so cute.

My house. It does not have an oven so I can't make cookies. We have a hot plate though. We also use buckets for our showers. I actually love it. We heat the water in the buckets with some heater things. ... with that you can tell my English is really going down the drain.

For our Pday today, we went to this place that was part craft fair and part taking fun pictures. And I know I'm supposed to lock my heart, but today I fell for Superman. I hope this isn't too disjointed.


Hermana Jones

The Hermanas and two of their teachers at the MTC

The only picture we got from Mexico...

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