Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guess Who We Saw?!

Hola Familia y Amigos!

So . . . a lot happened this past week. Where do I begin?!

So Hna. Furner's foot/ankle might be broken. On Friday we were late in getting out for gym, so people were trying to rush out of the doors. The doors to the gym are revolving doors. Hna. Furner was behind Hna. Fletcher, but she didn't know that. And Hna. Furner's foot got caught in the door. We're hoping it's nothing too serious and that she can come if not with us, if not then shortly after.

Speaking of going places, I'm going to Vegas on Monday for my visa stuff. Hermana. Bullock is going on that trip as well and we're excited about that. I love seeing her around campus! If we're not in earshot, we always wave to each other.

One thing I forgot to mention is that we have devotionals on Tuesday and Sunday nights.
We've been hearing from the quorum of the 70, and people that work with the MTC & missionaries. They're really good. There was this hustle about Sunday night, so we thought that maybe a general authority was coming. So... we made sure to get good seats. Like 20 feet away. However the screen showed that the speaker was Richard Elliot. We were disappointed it wasn't an apostle.  The name sounded familiar.  We figured out that he plays the organ for MoTab.  When he walked in, alongside him was David Archeleta. True Story. Not joking. Our district had a little fan-girl moment.  He barely got off his mission from Chile. He bore his testimony and sang a few songs. Voice of an angel. Be Still My Soul, Come Come Ye Saints. I didn't write down the last song. But, he sang the first 3 verses of it, and we sang the fourth verse with him. So...I have sung with David Archeleta. Along with a another few hundred people.

Sunday, said goodbye to the Elders in our zone that were leaving, and our Elder friends from another zone. The ones we played volleyball with. Both districts gave us so much candy. Including a lot of Reese's. Plus some items we're supposed to pass down to the Elders that come. We got them because there were only Hermanas in our district. But we get to sign them. So we're like... honorary Hermanas. Haha. Or something. They're gonna be awesome.

AND WE HAVE A NEW DISTRICT!!!! We found out on Sunday, and we've been so excited! They arrived yesterday. 4 elders and 5 hermanas. Ususally, the zone leaders and sister training leaders come in the Wednesday night for a little orientation. But since we only have an STL*, Hna. DeFriez and I were able to join her. One of the new Hermanas has lived in many different countries, as her dad works in the military. We think this new district is pretty awesome.

So...apparently our district is an example district on this West Campus. I'll explain. So, lately we've been having instructors coming in and observing our class and they are really impressed with us. We are involved in our learning, and we HSI** a lot. We probably speak 70-80% of Spanish in our classes. We were told two days ago that we'll be meeting the American Ambassador for Croatia. The Croation bound missionaries have been off and he's been an ambassador for Spain before, so he knows Spanish. He came in yesterday and told us that ambassadors come in the smooth things over with visas or something. So that they know we're not going on our missions to spread North American culture, but for a purpose. And we get to eat at Main Campus! Which we're also excited about. We're also meeting Elder Hinckley, President Hinckley's son.

Obedience Brings Blessings. Exact Obedience Brings Miracles.

General Conference is this weekend!!!! We are so excited!!!! We're told that as missionaries, through general conference we can receive a lot of revelation. We're also watching the women's broadcast when the Elders watch Priesthood. I encourage everyone, whether you're a member of this church or not... to watch it. For everyone to prepare questions for it and listen to the voice of prophets, seers, and revelators.

I can't believe how  fast time has been. It's already April. It's my birthday this month. What???

Amazing things always happen at the CCM. I love it here!

Hermana Jones

*We do not know what STL means 
**We do not know what HSI means 

Hermana Bullock!

Missionaries are great at sharing

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