Sunday, December 29, 2013

To Represent

Writing an entry from my other blog made me think of something. In my other blog, I was talking about how we are imperfect people.

I have heard multiple times that this Church is a perfect church with imperfect people. It was started by the only perfect man to walk this earth, our Lord Jesus Christ. Well I can attest that I am an imperfect person.

But what I think is amazing is that He trusts us. He trusts me, an imperfect person, to be an official representative of His church to teach the people in Mexico. He trusts me, because He believes in me and knows of the ways, I not yet know, that I can help my brothers and sisters down there.

I am one small person. But I am enough. I think of Moses, a prophet who was slow of speech. He didn't quite understand why the Lord had chosen him to be a leader, but there was something in him that was just right for the Lord's plan. Look what he did. He delivered his people from bondage.

We are imperfect people, but with His help, we can experience miracles.

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