Saturday, December 7, 2013

He Knows Us

Even when we may not know ourselves and question what we are doing here and what our purpose is, our Heavenly Father does. It's crazy. When I was a baby, my mom kept an LDS baby book for me. One of the pages is designated for the baby blessing, and my mom (or someone) recorded some of things that were said during it.

I was less than 2 months old when my baby blessing was given. As I read it now, 5 months shy of being 20, it helps emphasizes to me how much Heavenly Father knows us. The things that were said of me are things I recognize myself doing mow. There is no way that is coincidence. No way at all. Quite a few of these items remind me of things that were said in my patriarchal blessing that I received a few months ago.

One of the things it mentioned is a mission. I remember a few years ago I was looking at this page I saw mission and was confused. It was not something I had planned on doing. That's when mission age for women was still 21, in my young eyes 21 seemed old and I had a plan that I was going to graduate high school, go to post secondary and go on with my life. But as is known, I have decided to go on a mission and I AM SO EXCITED! This little snippet can be elaborated at a different time. So look to that, as I do want to share my experience in making this decision sometime.

Of course, it's not just through a baby blessing that I know He knows us.  It's been all throughout my life. It's been through all the many experiences he's given me. Some that I will elaborate on in future posts.

I think of a primary song I sang in Primary with the first lines being "I lived in heaven a long time ago." We lived with Him, how could He not know us.

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