Saturday, November 23, 2013


I have been feeling so blessed lately. As I have been sharing my news about my mission call, such as with people that are not members of this glorious church, I have had many positive responses and I have had a few times I've been able to have a few missionary opportunities. One day as I was on my way home from school, I ran into a girl that I work with. She heard near the end of my shift that I was off to Mexico to serve a mission there. We were able to talk on the train ride home and I was able to answer some of her questions about the LDS church. It felt so great to clear up some confusions she had and help her understand a little more about us.

I was able to have another sort of opportunity like that one. That same day I met ran into the one girl from work, I ran into another girl that used to work at the same restaurant as me. "Mexico! Are you excited?" she said. We didn't have much time to talk so we agreed that we would meet up later that week and talk. That was two days ago. We met for a little over an hour, the whole time she was asking me questions about my mission, what missionaries do, how they communicate, missions in general, and a few questions about the church. I was able to bear a bit of my testimony with her and that was the most amazing thing.

I truly cannot wait to get out on the field as Hermana Jones and be able to teach about this wonderful gospel every day.

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