Sunday, November 3, 2013

You're Going to Provo?

For those who are not of my faith (LDS), before we go out on the field, we get trained and learn how to be a good missionary at a Missionary Training Center... MTC for short. There are 15 all over the world with the largest one being in Provo, UT. One of these MTC's is in Mexico City, Mexico.

When people come up to me they ask "So, you're going to the Mexico MTC?" I say "Nope. Headed to Provo."

People, I promise, in my head this entry was going to be a little funny. Well, I do find it a little funny. To see the confusion on peoples faces since I'm not going to the Mexico MTC despite the fact that I will be serving in that country. But as I was called to serve in the Mexico Veracruz mission, the Provo MTC must be where I am also needed. The Lord knows best.

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