Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Purple Umbrella

Buenas Tardes,

This week: my companion hit her 9 month mark, I hit my 3 month mark, and Elder McMullen [my cousin] in Halifax hit his year mark. We´ve had some interesting days and....we experienced what we would call a miracle!!!!

We have District Class on Tuesday that takes up a little time. We had an investigator drop us, and we had an interesting discussion with this one man who gave us 3 books by this pastor. He loves books on religion. We gave him a Book of Mormon. ¨Well, he has 3 less other books and one more true book.¨ I said to Hermana Garcia that day.

Wednesday we had a zone class in Cordoba, which was a surprise Tuesday night because they usually happen on Tuesdays where we don't have district classes. And we made a thank you for President since he´s getting released soon. 

Our miracle is a former investigator named K. She´s a former from over a year ago. Wednesday night we wanted to find some find some formers from the area book and we randomly picked her as one of the people we would search for. When we knocked at her door she answered and let us in. She´s 21 with a 4 year old and another one on the way that she does not feel ready for. She lives with her mom. Her relationship with her mom isn´t the greatest.
Earlier that day, she was in a church somewhere praying. She feels so alone right now and she said in her prayer that she needed something in her life to help her. So when we came to the door, she knew we were an answer to her prayers ... so already she has a huge testimony in the power of prayer. Do you know how amazing that feels??? I know I´ve been in lessons before and said something, but I like to consider her my first real investigator. She is something special. She could also use some prayers from all of you. Situation is a little tricky because the next time we came to her house she said her mom didn´t want us coming in. So we need to find another place to teach her. We invited her to church on Sunday, so she said to call her Sunday morning an hour before.  Well...she wasn´t picking up. And not picking up. And later texted us to say she wasn´t entirely sure because her daughter is a little sick right now. It was 8:30 and she said she´d let us know in 15 minutes if she could make it. Church starts at 9. And then we got the text to say to come and pass by her house to church. SHE IS OUR MIRACLE!!!

Friday we had divisions again. My guess was that I would stay here in our area and Hermana Zarate would be my companion for the next 24 hours. And that´s how it went. It was fun! We did a lot of contacting ...because it´s something I want to be better at and something that Hermana Zarate loves to do. We did a 15 minute lesson with which we thought were new investigators because they said we could come again the next day. Overall, it was a good learning experience. And I finally tried tacos al pastor!

Saturday was a day with not a whole lot of success. We did a lot of contacting in our neighborhood. But nobody wanted anything from us. And the lesson we thought we had was a no. Earlier in the evening we passed by a store of a member. We passed by her store again later in the evening and told her how our day was going. She was telling us that our neighbourhood was strongly Catholic. She also told us that we were a blessing to her. That really lifted our spirits.

So on Sunday, I was the first missionary to give talks. I chose to talk about service, and  I think it went well. Sunday evening we stopped by Hermana G´s house ... she lives about 5 minutes from us and is so sweet. She told me last week that I´m like another one of her grandkids. She has neighbours that she wants to visit with us, but she was a little too tired to do some visiting. So it´s been raining each night the past 2 weeks. I didn´t have my umbrella that day and she asked me where it was. It was at home, and me getting wet was no big deal. Well, she decided to walk home with us and me under her umbrella so I wouldn´t get wet. Super sweet lady, right? Well later that night we heard a knocking on our gate ... it was her again. And she came with pica ditas for us (yummy food) 4 each. Oh, she is a good soul. She also bought us bananas this morning.

Hermana Garcia and I have matching umbrellas. Awesome. Well, mine is violet and hers is pink. And now it is time that I must ... voy?

Until Next week.

Keep K in your prayers!

Les Quiero,

Hermana Jones

happy birthday elder boyd!


the violet umbrella

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