Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hello My Wonderful People,

Yeah, being a missionary is hard. One thing that I was told over and over in the MTC was that obedience brings blessings, and exact obedience brings miracles. I talk about obedience because we were looking up scriptures on it the other day because we wanted to share that message at a comida and with some less actives. I was getting ready for church in our room while Hna Garcia was in our study room...sala....whatever you call it.  Just thinking...I´m being obedient, where are those blessings....where are those miracles...where are those people that just want to get baptized and recieve even more blessings then they could imagine. When I feel discouraged, I get on my knees and pray to my Heavenly Father ... because he knows exactly how I´m feeling. I was also feeling a bit homesick this past week.  I asked him for some help, and he definitely gave me some. He gave me some encouragement.

After a bit, Hna Garcia came in the room and asked me what was up. Last week, there was a day where we both happened to study the Atonement and we had a great discussion about it. To remember that I wasn´t alone ... and Satan knows how much power I can have as a missionary so of course he´s gonna want to make me feel alone.

All of the talks at church are what I needed. And the lessons as well. There are some recent converts in our ward...they were the baptism on my first week. This weekend the ward had a temple trip to Veracruz (menos missionaries) and they were able to go. Obispo Ramos asked them to come and give a testimony about it. They were beautiful. The temple is a house of God, and I miss having the oppurtunity to visit the temple as often as I did before I left on the mission. But one mercy is that I´ll be able to see it on Thursday.

At the end of all the meetings, we were in the chapel and the daughter of a  family of investigators from the elders came up to me and 
said ¨¨Do you know somone named Ali ... Ali Grant?¨¨
¨¨Yeah, she´s my best friend.¨¨
¨¨She found me on instagram, and wanted me to send you her salutations.¨¨ 

I needed all of that. They were all blessings. The chapel is my home away from home, like I am so happy to walk inside it.

Tuesday for our district class ... our whole district was there for the first time... which means our zone leaders were there, as they travel different districts in the zone. So after our class part, we had practices. I hate practices. They make me really nervous and teaching a made up person for me is a lot more nervewracking than a real person. Elder Rodrigez (ZL) was our investigator. We both told him before we begin that we don´t like practices. We were struggling a little, so Elder Rodrigez paused it and said to us ¨Okay, we´re gonna do something a little different. You´re gonna teach me as myself, Elder Rodrigez... with my own needs.¨ 
The whole teaching experience changed... from something nervewracking it was to something where you could really feel the Spirit. He´s almost done his mission and he feels overwhelmed with all the things he needs to do when he goes home. I wanted to, and did, share my experience at the beginning of the mission here in Mexico. My first few weeks were especially hard and overwhelming for me. Helped him remember that the Atonement was there for him in his overwhelmedness. After our lesson with him, he told me I was able to help him a bit. It felt so amazing to be a help to someone.

On Monday, we went to this little shop by our house. Before we left, we set up an appointment with her. We were able to have two lessons with her. The first lesson we had Hna Cookies come with us and it was such a help. She invited Rosario to come with her family to an FHE for this night. We´re looking forward to that. The second lesson was a short one as we had little time. The second lesson her husband was there. And I was able to teach them something that I had decided to study that morning. Through that experience, I know that I was guided by the Holy Ghost.

On Thursday morning, we had a lesson with the zone leaders to this investigator that they´re giving to us since she actually lives in our area. Oh... the Spirit was strong. It was so cool to teach alongside the zone leaders. At the end, Elder Figuroa beared a testimony to her... and after him I just felt so strongly to bare mine. Like none before. I could tell she was touched. When Hna Garcia and I were walking home after (as we had weekly planning to do) she asked me ¨¨How did you do that? You spoke so well!¨ ... The Gift of Tongues is real.

This week we were able to make aquaintence with a less active. She´s 86 and says she doesn´t go to church because of her health. We invited her to go with us and she agreed. We told her we´d be at her house at 8am. Well... Sunday morning we were lot later than 8 because I had my own needs. So when we went to do our rounds to see if our investigators could come with us (which didn´t happen) we went knocking at her door and yeah... no one was there. So that was really disapointing to us. When we got to the chapel we stopped in the baƱo for a minute. And out of a stall came our less active hermana, so it was a joy to see her.

So yes, they weren´t exactly the blessings and miracles I was thinking for this week, but looking back at my letter I wrote... I did recieve them.

Take Care Everyone.


A Little Hermana In Mexico

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